Here is my archive. Most of it has very adult content, so be forewarned. All of these stories could be seen as chapters of one larger story. Or, in other words, they can all stand alone but it would be better to read them in order if you're a new reader as they link together and build upon each other. Thanks!

Art! There has been art created, inspired by my stories: Fanfiction, Fanart. My dragons are here.

The Morning Ritual. Jin and Mugen realize some basic assumptions about each other are incorrect. This story begins my canon and takes place after episode 12. Jin/Mugen. Originally published Jul05.

Jin's Razor. A bit of Jin/Mugen fluff. Jul05

A Helping Hand. Jin helps Fuu get past a bad experience, and teaches her a few nice things about herself. Jin/Fuu. Aug05.

Musings 1. Mugen shares some thoughts about life and his lover. Jin/Mugen. Aug05.

Musings 2. Jin shares some thoughts about himself, the journey and Mugen. Jin/Mugen. Might be dark in spots. Aug05.

Musings 3. Fuu, Jin and Mugen share this time. Trouble is brewing. Why did they part ways in episode 16? Jin/Mugen. Aug05.

Musings 4. Back to Jin and Mugen. This story begins when they're reunited after episode 17. Jin/Mugen, Jin/Mugen/Fuu. Sep05.

Vegetable Soup 1. Mugen's plotting to get his man. Mugen/Jin. Sep05.

Meanwhile... A little naughty scene with Mugen & Fuu. Sep05.

Vegetable Soup 2. He gets him! A few "first times." Mugen speaking. Mugen/Jin. Sep05.

The Opium Experiment. The three spend a day together under the influence. Some Jin/Mugen naughtiness and Fuu peeks. This is pretty fluffy; I don't know what came over me. Oct05.

The Battle. Jin talks about the day after the first time. Jin/Mugen. Oct05.

Gifts. The guys deal with the events that cast Jin from the dojo. A little sex, a little angst, a little mush. Jin/Mugen. Oct05.

Hiding in the Back Seat. A continuation of the conversation the three have in the promotional video for Champloo's second season at the beginning of episode 18. This is really dumb and very OOC, so be forewarned! Nov05.

Things I've Learned 1. Mugen shares some secrets about Jin. Mugen/Jin. Nov05.

Things I've Learned 2. Mugen shares some secrets about Fuu. Mugen/Fuu. Dec05.

Sara's Song 1. Jin ponders recent events as he recuperates in Johnny's shack. A little yaoi, a little hentai, a little angst, as we're dealing with Sara's unhappy impact on our three. Jin/Fuu, Mugen/Jin. Dec 05.

Sara's Song 2. Mugen's side of the Sara saga. Again, a little yaoi, a little hentai, a little angst. Jin/Mugen, Mugen/Jin/Fuu. Dec05.

Sara's Song 3, Spice is Nice. Mugen's still struggling with the aftermath of Sara and Jin shares what he does about it. Very kinky, folks. Jin/Mugen. Jan06.

Calm Before the Storm. Another look at the fireside revelations in episode 24. Jin peeks at Mugen and Fuu, some Mugen/Jin, with a little fluff on top. Jan 06.

Wanderings 1. Post-series! The three part ways and Mugen shares his tale. Jin/Mugen shounen-ai. Jan 06.

Wanderings 2. Jin's post-series tale. Alone in Nagasaki. Jin/Mugen and a tiny bit of Jin/Shino. Feb06.

Wanderings 3. Fuu's story begins. I finally let her speak! Contains a small amount of Jin/Mugen shounen-ai. Feb06.

Wanderings 4. Back to Mugen's journey on the Brightness. Jin/Mugen. Feb06.

Wanderings 5. Jin's off to Ryukyu. Will he have company? Mugen/Jin. Little bit of Jin/Fuu. Mar06.

Wanderings 6. Fuu's story again. Alone with you-know-who. Will they? Won't they? Jin/Fuu. Mar06.

Wanderings 7. Mugen and the captain...yo ho ho. Contains various fantasy pairings. Apr06.

Homecoming 1. Mugen has returned and Jin shares about his first night back. Jin/Mugen...surprise, surprise! Apr06.

Homecoming 2. Fuu's shares her thoughts about the guys and has two close encounters. Who does she really want? Mugen/Fuu, Jin/Fuu. May06.

Homecoming 3. Mugen's not excited about the new turn of events. Will he stick around? Jin/Mugen. May 06.

Homecoming 4. Jin's concerned. Two have a fight but who kisses and makes up? Something sweet and something scary. Mugen/Fuu/Jin. Jun 06.

Homecoming 5. Fuu does some comparing and contrasting...of how many lovers? Mugen/Fuu, Jin/Fuu, Fuu/OC. June 06.

Homecoming 6. The last chapter of this arc. Mugen discusses his illness, some good times and bad times. Jin/Mugen, Jin/Mugen/Fuu. Jul06.

Outside Looking In: Manuel Nunes. And now for something completely different. The Captain shares about life, Mugen and the long-awaited reunion. Mugen/OC, OC/OC. Jul06.

Outside Looking In: Uema Yunta. Yunta shares about Fuu and the guys. Fuu/OC. Aug06.

Outside Looking In: Au Ying. Mother Au ponders our three. Incomplete and will probably remain so, I thought I'd publish it anyway. Jin/OC. Aug07.

Adrift 1. The sequel to Homecoming and Outside Looking In, Fuu shares what happens next. Mugen/Jin/Fuu. Sep07.

Adrift 2. Mugen continues the story. Mugen/everyone, Mugen/Jin/Fuu. Oct07.

Adrift 3. Jin completes the tale. Mugen/OC. Nov07.

Furthermore. The sequel to Adrift, set over a decade later, Mugen shares the rest. Jin/Mugen. Jan08.

Furthermore, part 2. The final story in this plotline and the ultimate outcome for our three heros. Quite naughty in the beginning, schmoopy at the end, but I couldn't resist. Jin/Fuu, Jin/Mugen/Fuu. Mar08.

Business as Usual. This series of linked drabbles puts Jin and Mugen into a modern AU. Just being playful with expectations. Mostly Jin/Mugen, but also Jin/Yuki, Mugen/Yuki and Jin/Mugen/Yuki, with Fuu, Kohza and Yatsuha on the side. Come take a peek!

Psssst! Looking for something more?

I've decided to post the other pieces I've written. Some of them are Champloo, some not. If you're curious, click here. Enjoy!

You want to know how it will be.
Me and her, or you and me.
You both stand there, your long hair flowing,
Eyes alive, minds still growing,
Saying to me, "What do we do now that we both love you?"
I love you too.
I don't really see, why can't we go on as three?
--David Crosby

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