Things I’ve Learned, II
by Laura Bryannan

So, it all began a couple of days after we got stoned. Jin plays shougi with his boss after work a few nights a week, so I knew he wasn’t gonna be home till late. Me and Fuu are sitting in the front room watching the fire and making out. She’s all fidgety, though, and not melting in her usual way, so I’m curious.

Hey, what’s up with you? You’re acting strange tonight.”

Mugen, can I ask you a nosy question?” she asks. She’s blushing, so I brace myself.

You can ask,” I reply.

Well…um…what do you and Jin do together?”

My eyes get big. I didn’t see that one coming! “That’s nosy….” I laugh. She’s finding her knees fascinating. “Well, you know. We have sex, right?” I have no idea where she’s coming from, so I’m not going to trot out the gory details.

I know, but how? You don’t have the right place.”

Fuu! Who says what place is right? There’s three places it can go in a woman and two in a man. You pick, they all work for me.”

You mean you can really put it…back there?” she whispers.

Yep. And in here.” I touch her lips with my finger, then kiss her to shut her up. This conversation is weird. I can tell she’s still all wound up though, so I back away and wait for more. It doesn’t take long.

But which one of you…um…does it?” Can she blush any more than she is already? Yes!

Who do you think?” I honestly wonder what she’ll say.

I don’t know. That’s why I’m asking,” she replies. Cool. I’m glad the answer isn’t obvious, or at least not obvious enough to say to my face.

Well, we kinda switch back and forth with that.” I’m amazed at how good it feels to honestly say I’m not the permanent uke. I never thought of it as embarrassing before, in fact, I used to take pride in it. But I realize now I wouldn’t have wanted to tell her the truth if I was.


Really. Fuu, why are you asking me this stuff? It’s weird to talk about it with you.”

I don’t know. Ever since I watched you kiss him the other day I can’t stop thinking about you two. And then I couldn’t figure out what happened.” She put her face in her hands. “I’m sorry, I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

It’s OK, I think I get it. You’ve never seen him…well…alive like that, huh?”

She smiles at me gratefully, so I guess I got it right. “Tell me about him. Please Mugen.”

She's looking at me with those big eyes of hers, so how can I refuse? “Well, he’s not like anyone I’ve ever been with before, so I’m still trying to figure him out myself. Um…he’s really different in the sack than he is when he’s up and about. He’s really responsive—loud even. Hard to believe, huh?” She nods. “He’s got really talented hands….” She gasps when I say that and gets even redder. What the hell? I have a feeling about this one, and decide to find out.

Fuu, how do you know about Jin’s hands? You do, don’t you?” I lean in and start to nibble under her chin, tickling her on purpose. She giggles and squirms, but keeps her mouth shut. I get my hands in there, tickling her ribs, cuz I’ve got to know. It’s been bugging me for way too long and I was never able to get it out of him. “It was that night at the spring, right? Did you two fuck?”

She’s laughing and squealing and trying unsuccessfully to stop me. “Mugen,” she manages to get out. “Please stop…we didn’t…I’ll tell you…just stop!” I do. I wait till she gets her breath back. “That night, Jin found me crying. I told him what happened to me—that I had this really horrible first experience the night before, and he said he wanted to show me how it should be. How a man should make me ready for…you know, doing it. I let him. It was the first time I ever….” She looks at me pleadingly, as if saying the word is too embarrassing.

The first time you ever came?” I ask. “Really?” It seems hard to believe. I mean, she’s fifteen and all. How could she not know about that at her age? Girls are weird, I guess. She nods though, and I can’t help but smile. Now so many things made sense. I can’t believe the bastard got there before me!

He never told you?” she asks.

I knew something was up between you two, and I tried to get it out of him,” I say. “You have no idea what I put him through.” And what I’m gonna do to him now, bwa ha ha. “But he kept your secret.”

Are you angry?” she whispers.

Nah! I’m a slave to his hands too. Besides, you started looking at me different after that. That’s when you really started thinking about being with me, right?” She looks down, but nods and smiles. “How come you didn’t wanna get with him?” She shrugs her shoulders and peers up at me with this look on her face that says it’s been me from the git-go. Un-fucking-believable! I can’t help but feel flattered though. “So I’m grateful, OK?” I assure her.

She snuggles into my chest with a sigh. “Tell me more about him,” she says.

Well, I’m glad he’s so good with his hands, cuz he’s not a mouth kinda guy like me. He was the worst kisser I ever met when we first got together.”

No way!” She looks like she doesn’t believe it.

It’s true. I just learned the reasons for it last night, but that’s his story to tell, not mine. Anyway, he’s good at it now, huh?” She nods enthusiastically. “He’s the best lover I’ve ever known. He’s good for me. He’s strong. He puts up with all my shit and…well, let’s say he knows how to handle me just fine.” This conversation is really weird, but I’m glad we’re having it. The information she spilled is priceless. I hope we can finally get down to something fun when she drops the big one.

Do you think I could watch you two sometime?” she asks. Oh my god! I freak out.

Watch?!? Fuu, you’re crazy!” She’s looking at me like she’s really serious, though. I can’t believe it. “Well…I wouldn’t care, I guess, but I can’t see him going for it.” She looks so disappointed, I feel bad. I think about things for a bit then decide, what the hell? “Look, I mess with him almost every night. If you could manage to stay awake on the right night, you’d prolly see something fun.”

I only say it cuz I can’t believe she’ll ever be able to stay awake. The girl sleeps almost as much as she eats. Shows you what I know, huh? But she gets all perky again, so I’m happy, and I don’t think anything more about it. This time when I kiss her she lets herself go and I’m relieved this very strange conversation seems to be over, but I’m wrong. It takes her a little longer to get fidgety, but she still does. Damn! I break the kiss and sigh, raise my eyebrows and wait for it.

Mugen?” she asks. “Do you really put it in your mouth?” I nod. Sounds hopeful, I think.

Yup. I like it there.”

And he does it to you too?”

He has,” I reply. Maybe this conversation is really going where I hope it’s going.

Do you think I could try?” Oh yeah!

Yes ma’am! Do whatever you want. Knock yourself out.” This should be good!

Let me see. I’ve never really looked at you before,” she demands. I stand up and drop trou quick as lightening, then sit back down and lean against the wall. “Tell me what to do,” she says. Her eyes are still on my face and not…the rest of me.

Um…. Look, just do what you want. I’m not picky. So long as you don’t bite, it will feel good, believe me.” She blushes but reaches out, grabs me in her hand and pumps a few times, giggling as she makes me moan. But then she stops, gets her face in there and starts exploring, moving my balls around and checking things out, I guess.

The times she’s jacked me off in the past she’s been pretty businesslike about it, so this feels really different. She’s touching me in places she’s never touched before, and every time she finds somewhere that makes me jump or hiss or moan she obviously remembers, cuz she does it again and again. My legs are threatening to start shaking and she hasn’t even gotten started yet. I realize I may be in for more than I bargained for. Oh shit.

She takes a first tentative swipe with her tongue and I’m sooo grateful! I’m thinking I’m finally gonna cum, but oh man was I wrong. She tastes, she licks, she tests how much she can fit in her mouth, swirling her tongue around in the best way. Again, I get the feeling she’s studying me, cuz she repeats everything that gets a response. The only problem is that she’s not sticking with anything long enough to work with. There’s no pattern, no rhythm to what she’s doing, so I’m starting to slowly go crazy.

It’s getting harder and harder to stay still and it's feeling like I’m giving her too much power, somehow. I’m a wham, bam, thank you ma’am kinda guy, and when I’m with a woman I tend to call the shots, so sitting back and letting her do this is really freaky. It feels great but I don’t know if I like it. I can’t tell if she’s doing it because she’s into teasing me to death, or if she really doesn’t know what she should do so I can cum. I decide I’m not going to wait any longer to find out, cuz if I do I’m gonna go spastic right in front of her.

Fuu, you’re driving me crazy. Please make me cum.” I’m not above begging at this point.

She looks up at me, her eyes all innocent. “But Mugen, isn’t that’s what I’m doing? What am I doing wrong?”

Nothing wrong. What you’re doing feels great, but if you want me to cum you’ve got to pick something and stick with it. You know how to jack me off. Do that, but just use your mouth on top, K?” She smiles her naughty smile and lowers her head again, and this time I feel the familiar rhythm of her stroking. She gives a good hand job, does Fuu. Then I feel her warm mouth engulf me and my whole being sighs in happiness.

Ah, there you go,” I encourage her. “That’s good, that’s good. Just keep doing that.” I pray she doesn’t stop. She doesn’t. I can feel it building inside and my balls start getting tight. Oh man, it’s sweet. I gotta warn her though. “Fuu, I’m getting really close. You don’t have to swallow it, lots of people don’t like to. Just keep jacking me off, I’ll tell you….”

It’s getting pretty hard to think. I’m feeling so good, I’ve stopped worrying about how much I’m writhing and carrying on. I started out sitting against the wall, but now I’m on my back on the floor and I don’t remember how I got there. When I know I’m gonna cum I tell her, but she doesn’t back off, at least, not at first. She actually takes some before letting the rest shoot all over my belly. I gotta say, that orgasm was so intense it felt like my balls were gonna explode.

Oh girl,” I sigh after I come back to earth, “that was amazing.” It’s really true. Not even Jin has tortured me so well or made me wait so long to cum. I’m still shuddering.

She giggles and comes up to snuggle next to me with her head on my shoulder and I put my arms around her. “You taste sweet. Is it always like that?” she asks.

Sometimes you can tell what the guy’s been eating—sour, sweet, spicy—by how it tastes, but I didn’t eat anything sweet today, so go figure.” I let myself float for a while, but I know I can’t stay motionless for long or I’ll crash and I don’t want to do that yet. This little bitch needs to be taught a lesson!


So here I am much later, spooned up to her back with my hand inside her kimono. It’s the first time she’s let me touch her tits. She lets me go down on her, but everywhere else has been off limits for some damn reason. I guess I teased her about them too much and she’s been afraid of my reaction. They’re nice, I decide.

I’m gonna keep teasing her anyway, cuz it won’t do to let her get full of herself, but they really are nice. A proper handful, you know? You sure can’t tell, the way the women in this country dress, so I was pleasantly surprised. I was also surprised that I just wanted to feel her up. Usually I want my mouth in there the first chance I can, but I’m getting off on watching her body dance around as I try my various experiments. Heh, maybe I’m turning into Jin, I laugh to myself.

So, I’m feeling lazy after my orgasm, and since she tortured me forever I’m giving her a taste of her own medicine. I don’t know how long it’s been—a half hour, maybe more—but I’ve been putting her nipples through their paces all this time. Rolling, pinching, pulling, teasing the very tip with the pad of my thumb…she’s cooing and moaning and writhing in a very satisfying way. When one gets used to the attention I switch to the other. She’s pretty out of it at this point, so I sit up and see if she’ll let me get her more undressed. I start the process, untying and unwinding her obi, and she does not protest. Good deal! I untie her belt. Same thing, she lets me. All right!

Let me stop here for a moment and bitch about how I am cursed by the clothing customs of my lovers. The people in this country tie themselves up like bondage freaks. I got sick of it a long time ago, let me tell ya. To get to the body underneath, you’ve got to untie and unwrap and unwrap and untie for five fucking years. I can sortof understand the reasons for making it hard to get to a woman’s body, but the men do it too. Hell, the men do it worse, cuz they put hakama over all the shit they’ve got on top and ‘doshi underneath. It drives me absolutely fucking crazy! Well anyway, now comes the final test. Will she let me untie the belt to her juban? She murmurs some half-hearted protest, but doesn’t put up a fight. I untie it and pull her juban open to check her out. Really nice. Lots more curvy than I thought—fucking Japanese clothes!

I get on my hands and knees over her and lean down to nuzzle her ear. “You’ve got a sweet body, Fuu,” I tell her.

Her eyes flutter open and she looks surprised but pleased. “You really think so? They’re not too small?”

Yep, and they’re not too small. Look, let me tell you something about gals with big tits. You’re laying here and your tits are still here too, right where they should be. Where do you think big ones end up when a gal is on her back? In places you need a lot of sake to deal with sometimes.”

She giggles and looks at me with the greatest face. I’m feeling like it’s time to mark her, while I have every possibility open to me. There’s so many yummy places my mouth likes to chomp on, it’s hard to decide sometimes. The spot where her inner arm meets her body is calling to me and I wander over there and check it out, but I end up moving lower. It’s gotta be on her breast, I decide…on the underside, close to her chest. I attack, holding her shoulders down when she starts squirming.

Mugen! Ow!” she squeals. “What are you doing?” I suck till I taste blood, take a satisfying bite, then let her go and sit back to survey my creation. It is good. I don’t know what it is about doing that I love so much but, mrowr, I sure do. My little vice, I guess.

Sorry. Just wanted to mark you up.” She looks confused and I don’t try to explain it to her. I start with a long tasty kiss and then finally get my mouth on her tits. When her nips are erect they’re really long, so they’re lots of fun to play with. I suck and swirl and nibble on them, and she’s moaning and mumbling stuff I’m not really paying attention to. I trail my hand down to her pussy and she’s totally soaking, surprise surprise. My fingers just slide right in there, and I start working her sweet spot inside. She stops mumbling and is actually pleading to cum at this point. Yummy stuff. Serves her right! I just keep enjoying her nipples and playing with her inside until she shuts up and loses it again.

I let go of her nip and decide it might be time to bring her off, when I get an idea. I pull my fingers out of her and slick up her back door. Without giving her a chance to say no, I slide my middle finger inside.

She squeaks and her eyes open. “Mugen! What are you doing?” she gasps.

Just thought I’d show you something new. You wondered about putting something back here “ I say, smiling at her wickedly. “You like?”

It feels…weird. Like I’ve got to go or something.”

Yeah, it feels a little strange at first. But how about this?” I push my finger into her sweet spot, and start working her there again. It’s harder to reach pushing through the wall of her cunt, but I can just get there.

She moans and her hand comes up to her mouth. “Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,” she’s singing in time to my stroking. So sweet. It doesn’t take too long before she’s pushing back into my hand, trying to get more sensation, trying to bring herself off. Poor little girl, all overcome. Then I notice my arm is starting to ache, so I decide it’s time and lower my mouth to her clit. It takes all of five seconds and she’s bucking against me. I’ve got to hold her down with my other arm so she doesn’t break my nose. She’s screaming and pulling my hair, and it’s all I can do to stay with her as she cums and cums. Oh yeah! She really is the most yummy little bitch, the yummiest I’ve ever known. I love eating her out. When she finally quiets I raise my head and wipe my mouth with the back of my hand. She looks at me kinda cross-eyed and I can’t help but laugh.

You’re cute when you cum,” I say. She holds her arms out to me and I move up to kiss her, then flop on my back next to her. I open my mouth to say, “We should get to bed before we both crash,” but I hear her snoring before I even say it. Damn! Now I’ve got to carry her. Oh well. She weighs nothing, she’s so tiny, so I pick her up and take her into the bedroom. I don’t try to get her clothes off; I just cover her with the blanket and go crash myself. What a scene! I’m totally wiped.


So that brings me to last night. She got herself an eyeful watching us get it on and I felt like I should help her out as she was obviously really horny. I crawled over to her bed and pulled the blanket off her face.

Mugen, did he hurt you?” She looked honestly worried.

Uh…nope. The opposite. Why do you ask?”

The sounds you were making…. I saw a tiger attack a deer at a zoo once and, well, you guys sounded like that. It was kinda scary. I didn’t know what to think.”

You ever listen to yourself right before you cum?” I smile at her. There’s not enough light to tell, but I know she’s blushing. “When did you wake up?” I ask.

It took me a while to get up the guts to do it, but I never fell asleep,” she explains. “I took a nap this afternoon so I could stay awake, and I went to bed late.” I’m glad to know, in case there’s a next time.

You see what you want to see?” She nods and I run my hands up her thighs and pull her juban open. I’m too tired to take any time with this tonight.

Eeep!” she squeaks, but she doesn’t try to stop me. She might have felt scared, but she’s wet, wet and wet. I see how far I can get three fingers in there, then attack her clit and she cums for me nice and fast. Good girl. Papa is tired. Dealing with two lovers is a bit of an effort at times. I lay my head on her thigh and crash.

When I wake up in the morning I’m there alone as usual. I’m on the floor next to her futon though, and the night’s activities come back to me. Someone has been nice enough to cover me up with a blanket and I wonder who it was as I yawn, stretch and scratch everything that needs it. My cock is awake, as usual, but I’m not feeling particularly horny this morning, surprise surprise. It’s going to be very interesting to face each other after last night. I can’t wait!