Homecoming V

by Laura Bryannan

Maybe I'm the luckiest girl in the entire world. I'm pretty sure I'm the happiest, anyway. These past few months have been amazing, and now that Mugen is feeling better, I can finally stop worrying and enjoy it all.

Sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming. I feel so special―like I'm finally a real woman, despite the clothes I wear. I have to be careful at work, and catch myself when I get all spacey or giggly so folks won't think I'm nuts. I've got a few more cuts on my hand from daydreaming too much while chopping veggies and stuff. Yunta's watching me like a hawk, which is fun but disconcerting as well. I'm sure she knows something is up but she's too polite to talk about it. And sometimes I flatter myself and think she's afraid to ask because she somehow knows it would make her jealous.

I had forgotten how much fun it is to fool around with Mugen. I'll aways be grateful to Jin for bringing us back together again, especially since he still wants me too. Sometimes I wonder whether my mama would be outraged to learn the kind of situation I'm in, or whether she'd be happy for me. Of course, I choose to think she'd be happy, if not a little shocked. Two men. Two lovers. Sure, it's not how its usually done, but it seems to work for us.

Every day at work I wonder what kind of adventure is in store for me that evening. The weeks before Mugen got sick were amazing. Sometimes I'd be with one, sometimes the other. Sometimes they were together and I was on my own, but I always knew I was welcome to join them...not that I've gotten up the guts to do that yet. And there were a few amazing times the three of us were all together again. I wasn't surprised to learn how different they are as lovers, considering how different they are as people. But I was surprised at how they were different.

Loving Jin always begins in his lap. He'll gather me into his arms and we'll kiss and touch and talk. Yes, I said talk. The man who never said five words to me on our journey, and barely anything personal in the six months we spent alone together, says the most heart-stoppingly wonderful things to me while we're loving and I adore it!

The very first time we made love together I got a hint of what was to come. He was sitting at the edge of The Box and I was in his lap, of course. Jin tends to draw things out, to play and tease and not let me cum until I'm ready to scream in frustration. I'll get more and more aroused, as he builds me up to one amazing orgasm that never seems to end. So by the time he lifted me to face him, straddling his hips, I was just about tearing my hair out from horniness. I felt his hand there, holding himself, and I watched his face as I slowly lowered myself onto him.

Oooh, it was nice. Maybe more tickly than Mugen because Jin wasn't so thick, but there was so much of him! I was dancing a little dance, taking in a bit more each time, and feeling oh so woogy watching how much he was liking it.

Just take what feels comfortable,” he whispered. Comfortable?!? It felt wonderful! He's so long, it felt as though he was touching places inside me I didn't know existed. Nudging my heart, almost. It made my head swim it felt so good. And the lower I sank onto him, the more incredulous he looked, the more he sighed and whispered, “Oh, Fuu...Fuu.” I was dying from the lusciousness of it all. By the time our bodies met he was actually panting. He kissed me hungrily as he grabbed my hips and ground me into his own, moaning quietly. I was gasping into his mouth, it was so nummy. He finally broke our kiss and looked at me with such appreciation I just about melted right then and there.

I've never been all the way inside a woman before,” he told me, still gently rocking me against him. “My previous lovers were not deep enough. Are you sure this is all right, Fuu? You're so tiny, I can't believe it.” I assured him it was quite all right, and he growled happily, returning to making love to me in earnest.

Jin can stay inside me forever and not cum. I don't know how he does it. We flowed from one position to another until we were both moaning and I was literally shaking. When he finally let me cum I thought my body would never stop convulsing. The orgasms Jin gives me last a long time; he touches me just right and they go on and on and on. It's pretty mind-blowing. And watching his face as he finally came, all the while whispering the most lovely endearments...oh I was one happy girl!

So, yes, Mister Stoic talks to me a lot as we make love. How can a girl resist a guy who says stuff like, “I wish I could describe the color of your nipples...such a beautiful shade of peach...no pink.” Or, “Life has hurt you so much, my dear, how did you manage to stay so delightful and sweet?” Or, “I can't believe I deprived myself of you for so many months.” It makes me feel so special and appreciated. It completely surprised me, but I adore it.

Now making love with Mugen always begins with him on all fours hovering over me, ready to pounce, as I lay there quivering in anticipation. And I was surprised that Mister Shit Talk—the one who was always pestering me, baiting me, drawing me into one Bicker Battle after another—hardly says anything to me as we make love. Half of what comes out of his mouth are just sound effects like, “Mrowr,” or “Ummm,” or “Guhhh.”

It's not that Mugen isn't appreciative, he just has a different kind of focus, I guess. If he says something to me, it will usually be something sensory like, “Yummy,” or “You smell good,” or “So sweet.”

Making love with Mugen is always fun, while making love with Jin is always intense. Mugen is like a kid in a candy shop. He tastes and touches and samples all the goods, appreciating everything quite enthusiastically. And he seems to know every little spot on my body that feels amazing when his mouth explores there. I would never have believed the backs of my knees, the palms of my hands, or the insides of my elbows liked having a warm tongue checking them out, but they sure do! With Mugen I cum and cum and cum and cum. I never bother to count how many orgasms I have because toward the end my mind isn't up to the task.

So, usually he just attacks and I'm swept away, but once he said the funniest thing. “Lay down, I'll do a Jin on you.” I looked at him like he'd lost his mind, but he threw a towel down on The Box and motioned for me to lay on my tummy. He sat on my behind, poured oil on my back and started rubbing me down. Wow! I've never felt anything like it before! He rubbed me all over my body and turned me to goop. It was really different for him to slow down and take his time with me like that, so it surprised me a lot.

You gotta get him to do this to you,” he told me. “I'm always too horny to do it as long as he does.” He was rubbing my feet at that point and I was sighing in happiness. Who'd have thought such a thing would feel so amazingly good? Oh my!

I'll tell you a secret,” he continued, and my ears pricked up. “You do this exact same thing to Jin and you'll have him in the palm of your hand for the rest of your life. He likes having his feet rubbed more than sex, I think.” I could see why. It felt wonderful and I didn't want him to stop. When he started creeping back up my legs to work on my behind, even though I knew nice things were in store, I was still kind of disappointed he stopped rubbing my feet. Boy it felt good!

Another big difference: while Mugen is very child-like when it comes to sex, right down to being apparently unconcerned about the consequences, Jin is not. Big surprise. He sat me down right after our first encounter and we had The Talk. Blushing, but totally in earnest, he taught me how to monitor my body and know when it's not safe to let either of them inside me because it might make a baby. We both agreed that making a baby probably wasn't the best idea right now.

It will have to be up to you, Fuu,” he said. “You'll have to speak up and tell us when we...um...need to be more creative about how we play. I will let Mugen know, because I'm sure he's not interested in becoming a father yet either. But if you don't tell us, then we're taking a risk.”

I'll tell,” I promised. I loved my guys, but couldn't imagine either of them as fathers, nor did I think I wanted to be a mother just yet. I had been worrying about the issue, of course, and felt grateful there was a way to make things safer for me. I asked him how he knew so much, but in a way I wish I hadn't because it made me jealous.

I was sent to my family's youngest concubine for the first time when I was thirteen,” he told me. “Rumiko taught me many things over the years, lore concerning fertility and a woman's cycles being some of them. She practiced this form of birth timing herself, as she believed the herbs that can be used were dangerous to a woman's health.”

He got pretty dreamy looking talking about her and I didn't like it one bit. I suddenly remembered him saying he'd been in love with her and had vowed to run away with her not that long ago. Part of me hated thinking about him with any other woman, but the other part had happy fantasies imagining what it must have been like to initiate him at such a young age. So, as much as I was jealous of Rumiko, I had lots of fun with boy-Jin in my head after he told me that. Oh, I'm so bad sometimes!

Yes, my two very different lovers were very different in bed. But you know? What surprised me even more was how similar I found them. I don't know if it's a guy thing or what, but they both bite. They're much more gentle with me than they are with each other, I could tell that right away, but they both use their mouths in these hungry ways that are very exciting even though it kind of hurts sometimes.

I knew about Mugen's sucking—the way he pulls up bruises. He started doing it to me toward the end of our time together and I didn't know what to make of it. It was hurty and tickly all at once, so I was never sure if I liked it or not, although I did like looking at the marks he left on me. They made me feel taken or possessed or something. The first time Jin and I got totally naked together we both laughed. He was as bruised as me! Maybe I'm kooky, but I thought it was horribly romantic.

I see you've got wolfbrat marks as well,” he smiled. Wolfbrat?!? I giggled. “Let's see where he likes to put them on you,” he continued, and he nibbled on the one he found on my calf. Then he nibbled the one on my inner thigh. “I can see the path he took,” he noted, as he turned me over and nibbled the ones on my backside and waistline. I remembered the night I got them, and Mugen did follow a path around my body. By the time he turned me over again to kiss the one on the underside of my breast...well, I guess he decided he found them all and had other ideas.

So Mugen bites and sucks up all these owies, but Jin just bites. Not too hard—it always makes me horny when he does it—but sometimes it's a little startling. It's usually accompanied by a compliment, and since Jin's compliments always melt my heart, I've decided the bites are worth it.

A man wants to do terrible things to a bottom as rosy and soft as this,” he said once, all the while slowly stroking each cheek. When he leaned near I knew...I just knew he was going to bite me. He trailed his face along my lower back and round the curve of my butt, giving me shivers, and then he nipped me in the cushiest part. There's this place on my left cheek they're both always attacking and I finally got curious enough to ask them why.

You gotta freckle here that talks to me,” Mugen said, sucking. “Hafta say hello.”

Well, there's an interesting birthmark on this most luscious part of your behind,” Jin told me, nipping gently, “so I find it quite tempting.”

They're after it so much, I notice every day because it's right on the sitting down spot of my behind. Even though it makes me sit lopsided when they've both been bugging it a lot, I still really like it. I'm a nut I guess.

The other way my two very different lovers are similar is infuriating at times. They both withhold themselves from me in ways that they don't with each other. It's almost as though neither of them can grant me, a woman, that much control over their bodies during loving. Oooooh, sometimes it makes me want to scream!

When I'm with Mugen I have a blast. He's playful and we laugh a lot. I always feel comfortable, it always seems easy. But Mugen is like a typhoon, in that you can't do much more than lay back and let him blow over you. He's always in control. Any time I try to touch him or initiate anything he will gently stop me, or he'll intensify whatever he is doing to distract me and it usually works. I just give up and let myself be ravished.

Once I came in from training and found him at home. Usually he took off before it started, so I was pleasantly surprised. He was sitting on Jin's futon in front of the hearth, completely naked, looking pretty yummy if I must say so myself.

But I haven't had my bath,” I protested weakly.

I know,” he said, leering. “Come and get me. I'll lay here and you can do whatever you want.” I was up for that, of course, and quickly got enough clothes off or untied that I could attack him. I sat on his hips and we began kissing. Soon I felt his hands running along my back, so I grabbed them and sat up.

Hey, I'm supposed to be doing you,” I complained. “No touchy feely. You have to lay here and let me play.” He agreed, somewhat reluctantly I noticed, and we began kissing again. I was sitting on him, rubbing myself against him like I did with Jin that first time. He was moaning, and it was feeling so nice I didn't even notice his hands were back on me again. But when he started teasing my breasts, I stopped him once more.

This time he growled. “I gotta touch you,” he said.

You're the one who wanted me to do you,” I reminded him.

I know. I don't care.” His hands were on my nipples now, making me shudder. “I can't just lay here. I gotta touch you.” I sighed and gave in. It's useless to fight him, but sometimes it bugs me. Mugen never lets me take the lead. He never lets me kiss him, he always kisses me. Any time I do something that gets a few moans out of him he'll try to distract me or he'll just stop me outright if that doesn't work. He won't let me do anything to him that produces a response, whereas he'll always submit to Jin. It gets a little galling.

Jin is the same. He withholds himself from me as well. Now with Jin I can take the initiative at times. He won't stop me when I stroke or kiss him. He'll moan or sigh or his breath will hitch, and it makes me dizzy with desire when I hear the sounds he makes. I love it! But he only lets himself respond to a point. He never lets himself go, and I know it because I've witnessed them together and I know how expressive he can be when he's with Mugen.

Once I got so frustrated I lashed out. We were playing together, touching, teasing, and I could tell he was holding himself back. I wanted to see if I could get something big out of him so I got a good grip on his upper arm with my teeth and bit him...hard. He grunted and then, SMACK! He swatted me on my bottom so hard I squeaked in surprise, and let go of his arm, of course. I rounded on him, ready to protest, when I saw the look on his face and quailed a bit. He was smiling the most erotic little smile, his hand ready to swat me again, and whatever I was going to yell at him disappeared from my mind.

Pain games, my dear?” he asked, looking surprised but interested too. “Are you sure?”

I quickly shook my head. “No, no. I'm sorry Jin.” He lowered his hand and rubbed the place where he smacked me. The bite marks on his arm were going to be there for a few days, I was embarrassed to realize. I hoped the hand print on my behind disappeared before Mugen got hold of me. I didn't want him getting any ideas.

So I had to give up my fantasies of melting either of them into puddles of goo under my expert lovemaking techniques...ha, ha. It was frustrating, but I suppose I really shouldn't complain. They're both very good at melting me, and I guess they've decided that's the way matters should remain. There's nothing I can do about it.

They're both always going to be bigger and stronger than me. Sometimes I find that fact infuriating. It's not fair that they'll always have control and power over me in ways I'll never have over them. Being a girl sucks sometimes! Other times, though, I find that reality comforting and safe. I have two beautiful men in my life, two protectors who care more about me than their own lives. How many women can say that about their lovers?

Of course, once Mugen got sick all the play stopped. I was too scared to even think of fooling around and Jin didn't approach me either. I was so grateful he was able to take time off from his job to care for Mugen, since I would have had to quit mine to do it. It was such a relief to know he was up to the task, the whole fearful episode was easier to bear. And it made me feel so safe to see how dedicated he was, knowing he'd do the same for me if I ever got so ill, god forbid.

The first few weeks were terrifying, as Mugen kept getting worse. Jin was with him night and day. Sometimes I'd get up in the morning and find him conked out sitting on the floor with his upper body collapsed on The Box, his hands resting on Mugen. I tried to pick up the slack, shopping, doing all the cooking and dealing with the extra laundry, but Jin carried most of the weight of Mugen's care on his shoulders and I was very grateful.

He was so sweet. Once, after training was over, I came back from getting us some dinner downtown and found him in his fundoshi next to my bathtub, supporting Mugen inside. It was when Mugen was at his worst, weak as a newborn kitten, his skin turning this horrifying shade of yellow that terrified us both. I came over and helped wash him, as Jin had his hands full just keeping him from slipping into the water.

He was awake when we began, but....” he said with a rueful smile.

Good idea. He was getting a little funky,” I replied, trying to keep things light. Jin chuckled, and asked me to pour some more hot water into the tub. As I did, Mugen stirred and opened his eyes. He looked at Jin with an expression I've never seen before...Mugen looked scared.

Feel like shit. M'I gonna die?” he asked, weakly.

No, Mugen,” Jin told him. “You're going to be well again. I swear it.”

Crow guys hangin',” Mugen said, shuddering, his eyes closing again. Jin and I cast worried glances at each other, and I felt my tummy quail. Mugen had spoken, only once, about the visions he saw the two times he was close to death. The implication terrified me and I started to cry.

Fuu here?” he asked.

I'm here,” I said, reaching out to stroke his face.

Call if they come, like you did before, K?”

I promise, Mugen,” I said, trying not to let him hear me crying. He turned his head slightly and buried his face in Jin's neck. I saw one tear escape down his cheek, and I just broke down completely.

Thanks f'lovin' me,” he whispered, and then he was asleep again. Jin and I looked at each other and his eyes were all misty. He took a deep breath and kissed Mugen's forehead before reaching in to scoop him out of the tub.

He will be well again,” Jin said firmly, setting Mugen in The Box, toweling him down and wrapping him in blankets.

Yes, he will,” I agreed, and he turned and reached for me. I came into his arms and he held me as I sobbed on his chest, both of us unmindful that he was practically naked.

So I saw a side of Jin I've never seen before, and it made me feel even more in love with him. One night I was so scared and exhausted, I went to bed early and was surprised to hear Jin begin to quietly sing. I peeked out of my room and saw him sitting in The Box with Mugen's head in his lap. He was singing an old epic, one I knew, and stroking Mugen's hair. Jin has such a lovely deep voice, it was wonderful to hear.

I realized soon enough that he never did it until after I went to bed, so for about a week I contrived to disappear early so I could lay there and listen to him sing. He probably went through his entire repertory of songs a few times before Mugen started to get better. Old lays, epic poems, love songs, children's songs, even some popular ones making the rounds about town. It was great and it really eased my heart!

I could tell when Mugen started to get better because that's when I started hearing the dirty ones. Mugen must have been making requests! Toward the end there, when Mugen was really feeling better, they obviously had a contest. Who could sing the most lewd song? I was so happy to hear Mugen singing in that raspy voice of his, I didn't protest, even though the stuff made my whole body blush, it was so naughty. Finally, though, it got so bad I couldn't handle it anymore. When Mugen started in on one about a whore and a pony I had to put a stop to it.

Hey, innocent girl within earshot, you know,” I called out.

They both laughed. “Innocent, my ass,” Mugen yelled.

I laughed too. Oh, it was good to have him back to his old awful self again! Awful self. Yes, as he started to get better Jin really had his hands full. I honestly don't know if I could have handled Mugen after the worst of his illness was past. He still had to drink this nasty tea Mother Au made for him, and he sure hated it. He put Jin through hell every evening, and every night it got worse and worse. I didn't envy Jin that he had to get him to drink it while I was at work too.

I couldn't believe the curses and insults he tossed out every night. It made me realize how weird men truly are, that Jin would listen impassively and appear totally unconcerned that Mugen had questioned his manhood, insulted his mother and insinuated his father fucked goats. Sometimes Jin would give it back. And being the more, well...educated, when Jin did fight back it was amazing to hear. I couldn't believe the terrible things he'd say to Mugen, and neither could Mugen. Sometimes he actually shut Mugen up!

But most of the time Jin would just wait until Mugen ran out of steam, then sit on his chest and force him to drink, all the while blocking punches. I'd just shake my head in wonder, glad I didn't have to be the nurse. Maybe Mugen wouldn't have treated me so badly, but I kind of doubt it.

So the whole cursing and insult game they played every night was pretty bizarre to witness. How can two people who clearly love each other the way Jin and Mugen love each other say such vile things and not be permanently insulted by them? I've come to the conclusion that guys are totally weird.

And then...last but not least...there was Yunta. My secret. I still don't know what to do about Yunta, but it's awfully exciting to be the center of so much attention. I liked her from the beginning, at first because she's a native Ryukyuian, so she reminded me of Mugen. But later, as I got to know her better, I liked her because of who she was. She was so friendly and fun, always including me in the adventures of the others at the tea shop. And considering she was usually the instigator of said adventures, eventually everyone else came around and accepted me as well.

Sometimes I'd bump heads with Jin skipping training because of some event or another I wanted to participate in after work. He never said anything outright, but I could tell he didn't like it. Naughty me...that just made it all the more fun, in a way. Sometimes I liked it that Jin was the big brother/father I never had and sometimes it got tiresome. But I knew if I told him there was more to life than training his head would probably explode or something, so I kept my opinions to myself.

I can't believe I was so clueless about Yunta for so long. She was hinting for months and I never picked up on it. She'd bring in treats and say they were for Jin—she knew him because he ate lunch there fairly often, and her brother trained with us—but I can see now that she was doing it just as much for me. All I knew was that I thought she was super cute and super sweet. I was never popular with the girls in my neighborhood when I was growing up, and I was too busy helping mama to care about it much. So it was really flattering to have Yunta always asking how I was and being so interested in my little ol' self. I never spent so much time with a girl before and I really enjoyed it.

That amazing day when she kissed me...I still like to think about it. I'd been out back dragging boxes of veggies into the root cellar when she cornered me. She's not as tall as Jin or Mugen, but she's still a lot taller than me, so when she maneuvered me against the wall and put her hands on either side of my shoulders I felt a little overwhelmed, and I think I just stared at her with my mouth open.

Kashi-chai, you're so cute,” she purred, leaning in. “Are you a virgin?” I could only blush and stammer, which she seemed to take for a yes, even though it wasn't technically true. “You're so different from other boys. I really like that. I can't believe I'm doing this, but....”

And then she did it. She took advantage of my dumbfounded expression and kissed me soundly, tongue and all. It was more like kissing Mugen than kissing Jin, in that she kind of took over and I found my knees getting weak. But it was so wonderfully different from kissing either of them in that it was soft and tender and not the least bit prickly. There was this part of my mind screaming, What are you doing?!? You're crazy!!! But it was too sweet to want to push her away. When she finally let me go we were both panting, and I was speechless.

You're a good kisser,” she told me, smiling.

T-Thanks. You, too,” I managed to reply. Then I heard Kanna calling me so I stumbled away mumbling something—I can't remember what—and I heard her giggling. She backed off after that and didn't approach me again, which I was both glad and sad about. You'd think having two lovers at home would be enough, wouldn't you? But I'd be lying if I said I didn't adore the attention.

The whole time Mugen was sick she was so sweet, always asking how we were all doing, making sure I was eating at lunch, generally looking after me and keeping me from getting too scared and mopey. I really appreciated it. She and her mom made us dinner several times, and that was also greatly appreciated. It really helped to have someone to lean on. I didn't want to burden Jin with my worries, he was worried enough for the both of us.

Finally, when it became clear that Mugen was getting better, she obviously knew. Well, everyone knew considering how happy I was, and I was only too glad to confirm the reason. So as things cautiously returned to normal at home, Yunta returned to her normal tactic of watching me with a certain something in her eye.

Then yesterday she made her move, and I'm still a little in shock about it. It feels like I should tell Jin and Mugen about it but, for some reason, I want to keep it all to myself. I don't want them dumping on it, making fun of me or getting angry either.

I came into work super happy yesterday. Mugen had been well enough to want to play the night before, and it was so lovely I was still bouncing around, I guess. It had been kind of horrifying to feel how he was little more than skin and bones, but he was as strong and irascible as always, so it sure did my heart good to finally feel as though he was going to be all right. I'd been out back eating my lunch when Yunta came and sat next to me.

Sneakin' a break,” she whispered. “Kanna went to the greengrocers, so I've got a few before she comes back.” I giggled. Kanna was a nice lady, but she sure ran a tight ship at the teahouse. Yunta eyed me a few times, looking a little agitated, and then she finally spoke again. “Did you mind...that time I kissed you, Shi-chai?”

I shook my head and smiled at her. “No, I didn't mind,” I assured her, honestly. “It was nice. I liked it.”

I know you're younger than me and all, but...well...um...how would you feel about doing it again? Maybe more? I've got you stuck in my brain, Shi-chai, and I just gotta ask.”

It was so endearing to see her blushing and hesitant for once, I didn't even realize it was coming out of my mouth until I said it. “Yun-chan, I've got to tell you something. I'm not a boy. I'm a girl. I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I like you too much not to tell you the truth.” I chanced a peek. Her eyes were as big as rice bowls and her mouth opened and closed a few times. I was waiting for her anger, but I got a shriek of happiness instead.

You are?!? Wow!” she exclaimed, and it was my turn to look at her with my mouth hanging open. “No wonder I've been so attracted to you! I like girls better! I've never been with a boy in my life, so I couldn't understand why I liked you so much. Whew! I thought I was going nuts to be so attracted to you. What a relief!”

She likes girls?!? Talk about surprises! I didn't know what to think.

She looked at me intently, as though she'd never seen me before, smiling so big I was surprised it fit on her face. “Of course you're a girl! How could I not see it before?” She giggled.

Please keep my secret, Yunta,” I begged.

She nodded enthusiastically. “Oh, I ain't gonna tell,” she assured me. “All the better to keep you for myself.” We both heard bustling in the kitchen and knew Kanna had returned. She scrambled up, pulling me into her arms, and laid another passionate kiss on me before letting me go, leaving me gasping. Then she gave me a mock serious expression and shook her finger at me.

Tomorrow you gotta tell me what in the world is going on with you and Shinshi and Mugen-sai, you naughty girl.” And off she went.

I cringed. I was certainly in a mess, but it was such a fun mess I didn't mind one bit. I tossed the rest of my lunch in the midden because I was too excited to eat any more and headed back into the kitchen.

Am I the luckiest girl in the world, or what?

to be continued