Things I’ve Learned
by Laura Bryannan

This little house on the outskirts of Aki is the greatest place. It’s been really fun hanging out here, shacking up together. We’re gonna have to leave soon, but I can tell none of us wants to, not even Fuu. I can feel it in my bones that things are gonna get tough once we’re outta here, so me and Jin have been waiting till Fuu makes us all move on. Until she does, I’m happy to stay put.

So much crazy shit has happened since we got here. For one thing, I’m learning how to read. That asshole Bundai got me started, and Fuu and Jin have been helping me at night. I’m getting pretty good at it too. The primer he let me keep was too fucking boring though. “See Taku. See Miya. See Taku run. Run Taku run.” Snore! I complained to Jin about it and he taught me some other words that made it lots more fun to read. Stuff like “See Taku fuck Miya. See Miya suck Taku. Go Miya go!” Fuu got so pissed she stopped helping me, and she wouldn’t speak to Jin for a whole day.

I can’t believe you taught him such things! You of all people!” she huffed at him.

Fuu, isn’t it better that he continues to learn?” he asked. She just sniffed and walked out. We looked at each other and he cleared his throat, smiling sheepishly.

Looks like you might’ve jumped off the pedestal she had you on,” I observed. She’s been really kooky about Jin ever since that day we all got stoned together.

His eyes widened. “If that’s true, I’m glad,” he said, shaking his head. “A pedestal is the last place I should be.”

Well, she got over it, but then we pissed her off some more. Poor Fuu. Jin had another good idea. He told me to find stuff I’d be interested in reading and he’d help me work my way through it. I didn’t know what he meant, so he dragged me to the general store in the market after work and showed me the section that has books and stuff, a section I’ve never bothered with before.

Look.” He pointed to these ones with lurid art on the covers—these women with big tits half undressed. How did I miss this stuff before? I wondered, then opened one up and understood. No pictures, only words.

He explained, “This one is entitled, ‘My Night in the Assassin’s Den,’ this one is, ‘Anybody’s Girl,’ and this one, ‘Torrid Twins.’ Do you understand now? They’re probably really horrible in terms of story and such, but my guess is they’ll be more interesting than ‘see Taku jump,’ eh?”

Oh yeah!” I’m very enthusiastic, and grab a few. We sit together by the hearth after work and he helps me with the words I don’t know. He’s right. They are pretty crappy, and nothing really hot ever happens, just a lot of hinting, but it’s a hell of a lot more fun than reading about Taku and Miya. Plus, it’s a riot to see how flustered it makes Fuu to read them out loud. “He placed his hand on my heaving bosom….” Cracks me right up.

Mugen, why are you such an idiot?” she always asks.

Because you’re so cute when I piss you off.” That always makes her blush. Low blow, I know, but what can I say? It’s true. She’s cute when she’s pissed.

Then I found out something else about Jin she wouldn’t want to know. I was bitching about how the girls on the cover of Torrid Twins were so ugly and he took a look at them.

You’re right. Even I could do better,” he said.

What do you mean?” I asked, and he got this embarrassed look on his face.

I can’t believe I said that,” he sighed. He looked at me with this do-I-really-have-to-say face, and I stared back, waiting. He rolled his eyes. “I had a brief career as a ukiyo-e artist when I was thirteen.”

I started laughing. I can’t picture him doing something like that, even though I know he can draw people really well. “Draw me one,” I demanded. He sat there thinking for a few moments, then shrugged his shoulders and got the ink and a brush. We’ve scribbled over most of our paper by now, but he found a blank hunk and ripped it out and brought it back to the table. “Make her with big tits, right?”

Need you even mention it?” he asked, as he got to work. “Most of the time,” he said while drawing a very curvy torso, “no one cared about heads, hands or feet, so I usually only did this much. Do you want more?”

Yeah, put a head on her with long hair and give her more pubes,” I requested. “Tell me about your infamous career.”

He sighed and made me wait for a while. “I honestly don’t remember how I came to do the first one. I would imagine it was because I was in heat from meeting Rumiko for the first time. I remember doing a few drawings of her from memory and someone probably saw them. In any event, I became notorious very quickly and, for a brief time, I did many commissions. I can see now that it was an attempt to fit in and get the others to like me. It even seemed to work until someone ratted on me and I was punished.” He sighed again. “Master was so disappointed. Ah well, what does it matter now? How about this?”

I liked it and said so, then put it on the table in front of me to stare at. “Did you ever do more lewd poses?” I asked hopefully.

Oh yes. Part of the appeal of my work was that I really did know how women looked. Some of the boys wanted…um…less demure drawings, to be sure.”

I was starting to drool at the possibilities when damned if she didn’t walk in. We both looked up at her with the most pathetic caught-red-handed expressions. She looked at the drawing, then at Jin, then at me, her mouth opening and closing a few times. I could tell she still wants him up on that pedestal and he just jumped off again. Poor Fuu.

I made him do it,” I blurted out. What is it about her that makes me feel like a fucking kid all the time?

She stood there with her hands on her hips, shaking her head at us. “You two….” she said in an exasperated voice, then walked into the bedroom. Off in the distance we heard her say, “Why are men such fools, Momo?” We looked at each other and snickered like kids who got out of the store with a pocketful of candy.


One of the good things that came of Jin being sick those few days after we met Okuru was that he started to sleep laying down, and I started sleeping with him. Up till then, he always slept sitting up, leaning against the wall. After he got better, I had to force him a few times—I came to bed and found him sitting there and dragged him to the futon—but now he always lays down when he goes to sleep. Sometimes the only thing that keeps me going through a shitty day working is knowing I’m gonna get to sleep with him. I’ve learned he’s a totally different person at night, so I’ve been having a fucking blast.

At first I would come to bed after he was asleep, spoon up to his back and fall asleep myself. But one night I was feeling kinda horny and, instead of making me feel safe and sleepy, snuggling my belly against his ass was feeling really…nice. I argued with myself, but the part of me that thought I should jack off and leave him alone lost the fight.

I slid out of my pants and slowly pulled his juban up around his waist. I ran my hands up his thighs and over his ass. His skin goose bumped, but he didn’t respond otherwise, so I kept going. I put my arm around his chest and snuggled up to him in my usual way, settling my half-hard cock against his balls. Man, it felt so good to do that with no clothes in the way! After a little while I started to thrust against his thighs, feeling myself getting harder and harder, and then I got a surprise. He stirred!

Mugen,” he whispered, arching back into me and raising his knees to his chest. “Put it somewhere useful.”

I thought I was gonna faint dead away. “You mean it?” I whispered back.


I took that as a yes and flew out of bed to grab the oil, slathering myself real good. I grabbed a towel from the nightstand too, cuz I know he won’t want to cum all over his juban or the bed. He’s really picky about that.

Anyway, I got under the covers again and handed him the towel. I teased around the opening a bit, and felt him shudder and his breath hitch, but no other sound came out. I slid a finger inside and got the same thing, his body responded but he was silent. I now know that, for whatever reason, when I play with him when he’s half-asleep, he’s hardly ever vocal in the way he is when he’s awake. But then, I didn’t know what to think. He didn’t seem to be protesting, so I kept going.

I got myself in the right place and pushed in a little and he pushed back. Good deal! As I worked myself inside he let out this long, deep sigh that was almost a moan, so I figured he was feeling as good as me. I gotta say, I’m still pretty freaked by how much Jin seems to like me fucking him. And I’m double freaked by how easily he can take me now. I just shove and his body gives way. It mushes me right out. I never thought such a thing could be possible, but I love it!

Anyway, I wasn’t gonna last too long, cuz the newness of what was happening blew my mind too much, so I reached down and started stroking his cock in time to my own thrusting. It was so sweet I wished it could go on forever, but I felt his body building up tension in that familiar way. I was really close myself, so I started picking up the pace. He bucked against me and then I felt him cumming, his body convulsing the way it always does, but no moans, no words, just panting. Weird.

I put my other arm around his waist and pounded into him for those last few luscious thrusts before I came myself. When my brain turned back on, I noticed his body was starting to feel like a rag doll, as if he was fully asleep again. I grabbed his shoulder and turned him on his back. He really was asleep, the bastard! I could tell he was sleeping cuz he wasn’t frowning. He had this little smile on his face though, so I felt flattered and forgave him for crashing on me. I pushed him back on his side and snuggled up to him again, then zonked out soon after. And that was my first experience with nighttime Jin.

I can have fun with Jin at night because he’s a light sleeper and Fuu is not. Once she’s asleep you could yell in her ear and she wouldn’t wake up. But Jin is almost always aware of me when I get into bed. I can tell how asleep he is by what he does when I slide in next to him. Most of the time, I spoon up to him and he’ll settle back into me, or put his arm over the one I’ve got around him. If I don’t start playing with him he won’t begin anything himself but, if I do, he’ll respond in that same silent way he responded to me that first time.

I know by now he never even opens his eyes—that he’s not completely awake. In this kind of space he’ll let me do anything to him. He submits to everything and initiates nothing. He’ll accept attention that he tries to stop when he’s awake. Like his nipples. I went after them one night for the longest time—licking, sucking, biting—and he never pushed me away. It was so eerie to feel him thrashing and writhing, but making no other noise than his strangled breathing. Toward the end, he was whimpering and his body was shaking, but he still didn’t really wake up. I went down on him to make up for torturing him for so long, and when he finished cumming he took a deep ragged breath, whispered thank you and was gone again. That was a very fine night!

So, most of the time I get in bed and he shows me he’s aware of my presence, which means I’ve got a green light to play. A few times, though, he’s been in that totally-out-of-it sleep phase and won’t stir at all when I get in bed. I’m not above messing with him when he’s like that, I’ll admit. One time I spent forever rimming him, just to see what would happen. Well, he never woke up or even responded really, except he got hard, but he said the funniest thing the next morning.

I had the strangest dream last night,” he said. I had my suspicions about why he might have had a strange dream or two, so I poked him to tell me. “I really don’t remember much, but at one point I was watching this weird creature slash my belly open and eat my guts but it didn’t hurt, it felt good. Strange….”

Hmmm,” I nodded solemnly. “Yes, dreams can be very strange.” I had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing.

This other time he was dead to the world I was thrusting between his thighs, and then after I came I crashed without cleaning him up. I know how batshit he gets about that, but I guess I wanted to see what he would do…plus I really did just crash.

The next day he was already gone when I woke up. No surprises there. I was still in one piece, too, so that was good. I was alone when he got home that night. He walked over to me and got in my face, so I kept backing up until he shoved me into the wall. Before I knew it I felt his hand grab my package and slowly start to squeeze everything. One of his fingers was doing something behind my balls that made me squirm and his grip was getting tighter and tighter. It was all I could do not to squeak. He leaned in and I wasn’t sure if he was gonna kiss me or bite me, so I braced myself for the worst.

Mugen,” he whispered darkly, “I don’t want to wake up with my thighs stuck together ever again. Do you understand?”

At that point I was whimpering cuz it was getting pretty painful. “OK, OK, OK, I’m sorry,” I begged, and he let me go. “I knew you’d be pissed, but I couldn’t help myself,” I admitted. Yeah, I’m an idiot.

He sighed and shook his head, threatening, “One of these days, my man, I’m going to take you over my knee.” Oh, wrong thing to say, I think to myself. The time Ku did that to me was fucking embarrassing, but it still turns me on whenever I think about it.

That a promise?” I challenged. He looked at me but I could tell he wasn’t seeing me. He was going inside himself and his eyes were getting that creepy fishy look, like he was plotting something…evil. My guts started to quake, so I shoved his shoulder, “Hey, I didn’t mean it. Come back!”

He blinked a few times, refocused, and raised an eyebrow at me. “You did mean it, didn’t you?” he asked softly. I hemed and hawed some, but I can’t lie to the guy, so I figured it was better to keep my mouth shut at that point. “Hmmm,” he said as he pulled me to his chest and I stood on my toes so we could kiss. I tried to make it a really good one so maybe he’d forget that last little exchange, but his mind’s like a steel trap, so I figured I was a goner. I love it, though, I’ll admit. I need him to be strong with me sometimes, and I know I goad him into it. I’m glad he doesn’t mind having such a crazy motherfucker as a lover.

Anyway, back to nighttime Jin. So there’s ‘kindof awake Jin,’ ‘dead to the world Jin’ and ‘awake Jin.’ Every once and a while he really wakes up when I get into bed. I’ll snuggle up to him and he’ll roll onto his back and pull me into a kiss. When he’s awake he’ll actually participate, and that’s the hottest of all. If he wakes up I know I’m gonna get laid, so that’s always the best. Last night was one of those nights. Last night was one crazy ass night!

It started out like a typical kindof awake night, and I was taking my time, running my hands down his back and thighs, feeling up his ass. He was barely there. I was slowly humping his crack when he rolled over, reached for my cock, and began one of his famous hand jobs. I got worried, though, cuz I could see his eyes were still closed and I didn’t want him to jack me off and crash. I started to kiss him and he opened his mouth and kissed me back. Good deal. He was still working me way too efficiently, though, so I grabbed his hand. He let me stop him. Good deal.

Fuck me,” I demanded.

Where’s oil?” he whispered. I reached for it—I always bring it to bed these days. He held his hand out and I poured some in his palm. He oiled himself up, then pushed me on my back and curled himself around me, lifting my leg over his thigh to gain access. He slid right in and it was all I could do to not holler, it felt so good. He put his arm around my chest and started to lazily fuck me. I hung onto his thigh and used it to pull myself closer to his body, to get him as far inside as I could. We moved together like that for a long time and it felt soooo good. Jin’s staying power is something amazing.

Just when I thought I was gonna go crazy from horniness he stopped and backed out of me. I moaned in frustration, but then realized he was just shifting positions. Oh yeah! He kneeled up, shucked his juban off, then put my legs over his shoulders and started to lean in, slowly impaling me in the process.

When I get bent in half like that he hits me in this place that, I swear, it feels like he’s fucking me in the throat. I can’t keep from squeaking and making all sorts of embarrassing sounds. I could tell he was heading in that direction, cuz my knees were practically at my shoulders and it felt like his whole weight was grinding into my various sweet spots in there. Keeping quiet was pretty much impossible.

You keep doing that and I’ll wake her up with my yelling,” I said. He laughed quietly and shifted his hips around in such a way, the sounds that came out of me were positively inhuman. Then he leaned down, ran his tongue inside my ear, and I shivered.

No need to worry about that,” he whispered. “She’s awake.” I froze, but he didn’t stop fucking me. I listened and damned if he wasn’t right. She was awake!

At first I was pissed at myself that he knew it before me, but then I realized he had been fucking my brains out for a while, so I let myself off the hook. He stopped doing that stuff that makes me crazy, though.

He let go of my knees and I wrapped my legs around his waist. Still gently thrusting, he asked, “What do you want to do about this?” Well, I’ve got a pretty good idea why Fuu’s awake, but I wasn’t gonna tell that to him. I wondered how long she’d been watching. The moon was up and there was a lot of light in the room, so she’d been getting quite a show.

Ah, who gives a shit?” I replied. “I don’t want to stop.” I hoped he felt the same.

He didn’t say anything, but kept pumping into me in that same excruciatingly slow way. His face was hovering above mine and he was watching me as I got more and more squirmy. “Do you want me to touch you?” he finally asked.

No…just more…harder,” I begged. He went for it, grinding himself deep and fast, angling into that sweet spot just right. Oh my god. “Don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop,” I chanted.

When I cum from just fucking it’s the most amazing thing. It’s like I feel it everywhere inside me. When this one hit me it was so big, I was glad I didn’t have to worry about all my howling cuz I couldn’t stop it anyway. When I came to, Jin was growling and nailing me like he was really close. He wrapped his arms around my hips and practically roared when he came, and I could feel his cock dancing in my ass as it released way in there. Man, it was sweet!

Ah Mugennnnnn,” he sighed, gasping in rhythm to the last spasms of his orgasm. We shared a few panting breathless kisses, then he flopped on my chest and slowly stretched his legs out with a satisfied groan. I put my arms around him and purred.

You and your fine ass,” he whispered against my neck, giving me goose bumps. I could feel him starting to lose it, though. I was gonna crash soon too, but then all the heavy breathing from the other side of the room caught my attention. Oh yeah. Before I drifted off there was one last thing to do.

Good night, Fuu,” I called out. I heard her squeak, and the sound of the blanket being thrown over her head. I could feel Jin chuckle for a few seconds and then he drifted off, for good probably. I should have known Fuu couldn’t watch without giving herself away. Then I noticed how excited she sounded. Got me thinking…. Maybe there was something else I should do before I crashed. I eased myself out from underneath him and heard him snoring quietly.

I’m coming over,” I warned. She let out another squeak from under the covers and I pounced.

to be continued