Adrift II
by Laura Bryannan

I knew it was gonna be a drag when we finally had to leave Ryukyu, but I never thought things would get this weird. Sometimes I wonder if it's all payback because I took what I needed from Captain Nunes that night, but Jin seemed cool with it at the time, so I don't know. If someone had told me I was gonna be back on board the Brightness, face to face with him for the next few months, maybe I wouldn't have done it. But, to be honest, there was prolly no stopping me.

Once he showed up I had to have him. I attacked the second he shut the door and he kissed me back real good, just like I remembered. He tasted as strange as ever, but it was like coming home in a way, so I didn't waste any time. When Jin walked in I had maneuvered him to The Box and was kneeling in front, worshiping that monster of his with my tongue cuz I could barely stuff it in my mouth. Jin's eyes nearly popped outta his head when he saw it. “Told ya,” I crowed.

“You're really going to?” he asked, eying me like I was crazy.

“Yup, I gotta,” I decided. “Although I don't know how. You could prolly take him easier than me cuz you're more stretched.”

“ thank you.” He smiled in apology at the captain, who was looking back and forth between us like he couldn't believe his ears, then suddenly perked up, “Wait, I have an idea.” He dug through his box of stuff and got out that wooden cock he has, announcing, “This will open you up most of the way.” I whooped. Hot damn, he was right!

“Mugen, I cannot fuck you!” the captain exclaimed. “It's too....”

“Oh, yes you can!” I interrupted. I hadn't spent almost a year dreaming about him inside me to run from the challenge now. I got naked and handed him the cock. “Do it with this first, K? I've only had Jin in there and he's not as thick, so I need to open up some.”

“Jin fucks you?”

I couldn't figure out why he looked so stunned. “Well, yeah! Who else would?” I lay back and raised my knees but he still looked doubtful, so Jin took the thing from him, dipped it in the oil and started pushing it inside. He was careful, but it was intense, and having two sets of dark eyes watching my every gasp and twitch was a bit much. Finally it was in there and I wrapped my arms around my head, while everything in my body got hot and cold and melted into an ooey mess.

I had to wait and get used the stretch before I went any further, but it was too weird to just lay there while they stared at me, so I turned and yanked at the belt of Jin's kimono. “Lemmie suck you.”

“That's all right, Mugen, I'm fine.”

“C'mere,” I demanded, grabbing his hips while shoving his juban outta the way. “Lemmie.” He was already hard so I took him all the way in, burying my face in his pubes, moaning in satisfaction. The captain's big hands were on my ass, feeling me up, making sure I didn't push the cock out, while Jin's were wrapped around my head, holding me steady as he thrust into my throat. I felt surrounded by them, overwhelmed by their strength and the sensations coursing through me. That wooden cock up my ass was just my size, and it made my head swim to realize that this is what I felt like to Jin when I had him. Imagining I was him getting fucked by me while he fucked my face...well, it kinda blew my mind.

When Jin finally came I didn't want to let go, nursing on him till he pulled my head up and kissed me fine. I was so focused on his tongue, his quiet contented sounds, it startled me when I caught the captain's scent and felt the cock nudge a little deeper, rotating around in there. I moaned and Jin raised his head, waiting until my vision cleared before whispering, “Save your heart for me.” Then he pushed me away and I turned to Captain Nunes.

Gathering me into his lap like I was five, he claimed my mouth and started to stroke me perfect. I was so horny and it felt so good, I almost let him, but I finally reached down to stop his hand, breaking the kiss. “I gotta try, K?” I insisted, while I rearranged myself, oiled him up and straddled his hips.

“Are you certain?” he asked, looking unsure but so horny and feverish I thought I was gonna burst with pride.

“Hell yeah!” I pushed the cock out and sat on him, barely getting anywhere at first. He was built kinda pointy, thank god, but I still got stuck a few times when my body clamped down, screaming, what the fuck are you trying to do?!? He wrapped his arms around my waist, supporting me so I could relax my lower half, and I hung over his shoulder trying to remember how Jin took me in that first time. His whole body had gone limp so I tried to do that too and, since the the captain is so strong, it actually worked.

I knew I was in trouble the second he was in. I froze, afraid to move, cuz the pressure in my guts was so intense the orgasm was right there, ready to explode. I clung to him, panting, trying to will it away, but my whole body was trembling and I was losing the ability to control my legs. “Are you all right?” he whispered.

“I'm so all right I'm gonna cum before you can fuck me,” I told him, humiliated by my lack of control.

He chuckled...and let me go. I slid downward with a scream and came all over him, feeling like I was split in two, writhing on that pole of his as the most intense orgasm I've ever had wracked through me. I remember him grabbing my face and kissing me, but then...nothing. When I came to, Jin was right where I left him but the captain was gone.

“He's in the privy,” Jin told me, noticing my panicked expression.

“I passed out, didn't I?”


“Did he fuck me?”

He rolled his eyes. “No Mugen, not while you were sleeping.”

“Damn! I can't believe I lost it like that.” But suddenly, a worry plagued me. “How did he cum? Did you do him?”

“No, I did not,” he assured me. “He came by his own hand.”

I eyed him suspiciously, not sure I believed him. “You didn't help him out?”

“I watched, but did not participate.” It seemed like he was telling the truth but, still, the feeling wouldn't go away. Jin was part of our scene now, and I wasn't sure what to make of it. There was something in his eyes, something between us that wasn't there before, although I couldn't put my finger on what it was. So, these days, when I look back on that night, I wonder if its when things started getting crazy for us.

But, at that point I felt like it was worth it, an amazing experience I'd never forget. And when I was blushing like a virgin in Captain Nunes' quarters the next day, asking for passage outta Ryukyu, I knew he wasn't gonna say no. It was great to be on board the Brightness again, getting back into shape after being knocked on my ass for so long. Since my jobs in Ryukyu wern't too demanding, it felt good to be using my body and working hard, doing the kinda shit that's second nature to me cuz I was practically raised on a boat.

Fuu took to life at sea like she'd been born to it, and was given my old job in the galley helping Shii-san. Everyone was always flattering her or telling dumb jokes whenever she showed her face on deck, and I could tell she really liked it. Seeing her hanging out in the kinda clothes I'm used to seeing girls wear really did something for me. I can't explain it, but it was like she was taking my side, or maybe that she liked me best. Besides all that she looked totally hot, and it was impossible to keep my hands off her when we were down to one thin layer of cloth between me and her sweet self.

The situation with Jin was almost the opposite. It seemed like the second he stepped on board he lost his strength. I was used to him being the sure one, the one who plotted and planned and always knew what to do. Our roles were kinda reversed on the Brightness, him being stuck with menial jobs at first while I worked with the rest of the crew. He did what he was asked without complaint, of course, but I wondered if it rankled him. He used to initiate sex most of the time and now he wasn't—at all—so I knew something was up, I just couldn't figure out what.

Our relationship seemed to be going backwards, and he was getting more and more like he was when we first met—all shut down and distracted in his thoughts. He wasn't paying attention to me and Fuu said he wasn't paying attention to her, so his head was basically stuck up his ass. I was used to him chasing after me, but now I did the stalking, climbing into his hammock practically every night to molest him. He hated that hammock and said he couldn't get a good night's sleep even when he was alone in it, so he'd always complain about my intrusion until I shut him up.

Kissing Jin is always the best way to tame him when he's pissy and flailing against himself. His dick is hard but he'll still push me away. Sure, whatever. I just land on top of him, wrap my tongue around his and force him to pay attention to me. His body wants to play, of course, so it never takes long before he stops struggling and lets me have my way. I have to kiss on him a lot and draw things out for as long as I can stand it so he'll crash after he cums and not kick me back into my own hammock when we're done.

I gotta say, the only thing better than Fuu in Ryukyuian clothes is Jin in Chinese ones. No more groping through fifty layers of crap to find him. I sit on his hips and he's right there. It's great! When it's really hot, sometimes he's not even wearing a 'doshi, so we can get the best dry hump going without even getting naked. It ain't easy to coordinate a fuck in a hammock, so most of the time we'd just kiss and grind and touch, cumming into each other's hands. But sometimes, if I was really lucky that night, I'd see a little of the old Jin I knew before we sailed on the Brightness.

Sometimes...sometimes he'd stick his fingers into my mouth make me eat my own cum, or push them deep and force me to swallow them. He knows how it messes with me to get my throat fucked so when he does it I can really feel his heat, how much he still needs me, and my heart mushes into a thousand wibbly pieces.

Sometimes he'd yank my shorts down, gob into his hand and spear me as I sat on top of him, controlling my hips in that steel grip of his so that he always hit the right place. He'd watch me like a hawk, eyes burning into my soul, revelling in every tremor he could wrench outta me. Those kinda moments were what I lived for on that voyage, but they didn't happen very often. Most of the time he was off somewhere else, unreachable, even when we had our hands in each other's pants. He was doing it cuz he was as horny as me, but it usually wasn't enough to lure him outta the box he was hiding in.

Once when he was all zonked out and dozey I asked him what was going on. Usually when I did he insisted he was fine, but that night he said, “Everything about life on board this ship is alien to me. I can't find my footing. We're just a tiny speck on this immense's terrifying.” Jin? Scared? I couldn't get my head around it and wasn't sure I believed him. The Brightness was sound, her crew and captain experienced. That fact was glaringly obvious to anyone, so his explanation left me more confused than ever.

And, on top of everything else, he was spending an awful lot of time with Captain Nunes, which kinda bugged me. Jin said there was nothing going on, but I still felt jealous cuz they seemed to share something outta my reach. Whenever I saw them together on deck and could mosey close enough to catch their conversation, they were always talking about the most boring stuff: tarrifs, trade guilds and politics, or the stupid social customs of this country or that. Who gives a shit? I didn't get it and felt left out.

I was so used to being the only one Captain Nunes was into, it was strange to notice these obnoxious Second Best notions lurking in my heart. I didn't like it, and the problem was compounded by the awkwardness our little adventure brought into me and the captain's relationship. He kept a respectful distance as always, but now I couldn't help but wonder if he hoped it would happen again. Since I kinda did, I figured he prolly did too, but there was no way I was gonna go there when things with my two lovers were slowly going wacko.

So, I played coy like I did on my first voyage, and we watched each other from afar like before. I still had the hots for him, but now that I had a whole new perspective on things I wasn't fantasizing about him fucking me anymore. I wasn't gonna go seeking out an experience like that again anytime soon. But it made me feel good to be around him so much, even if he was talking to Jin, and I could feel myself getting stronger with him always nearby.

The best thing about the voyage was that Fuu was loving me sweet, and since getting with her was still really new and exciting, it kinda took my mind off of what was happening with Jin. We had some hot times, the three of us together, but I was always vulnerable cuz I'd dive between her legs to stake out the territory and Jin ain't no dummy. He'd dive into me while I was doing her and turn my studly self into a squealing pile of uke. It was embarrassing. So I liked to seek her out, just the two of us, to remind her who I was when Jin wasn't nailing me.

Fuu is really uncomplicated when it comes to sex. She likes it, and if she's not too frazzed she's easy to approach—the opposite of Jin. I leaned on her a lot as my main man got more and more confusing, since it was easier to put my focus where it was wanted than where it wasn't. And when I'm focused on something like I was about Fuu, interesting things happen.

Once we were in port and I was wandering around in the red light district all by myself. I saw one of those stores that sells sex toys—wooden and ivory cocks and other naughty shit—and decided to check it out. This silk covered box caught my attention, and inside were these two balls about the size of small plums, made of metal covered with delicate enameling. My hand was drawn to them and I was surprised by two things: their weight and the fact that there was something inside them banging around! Whatever was in there gave off a little chime when it hit the side, its heft causing a slight vibration. Oh yeah! I got hard just holding them, imagining how they might feel to her inside.

They weren't cheap, but I bought them anyway, and the crazy fantasies they sparked launched about a dozen jackoff sessions before I could finally spring them on her one afternoon. Me and Shii-san had a deal, and he never gave me grief (or told the captain) when I'd sneak her off to play. That day I wanted to let her stew, so I pulled her into the storage room behind the fireplace.

“Mugen, I'm busy,” she complained, half-heartedly, “besides, Shii-san will hear.” Good girls always have to complain.

I pulled the treasures outta my pocket and put them in her hand. She looked at me, confused at first, but as she felt them up her eyes suddenly went wide and she blushed to high heaven. She was so flustered, I got her pants untied before she even knew it. “Oh no!” she finally exclaimed. “I couldn't!”

I took one from her and touched the cool enamel to her belly, trailing a line down to her pubes and circling in the right place. “C'mon babe, it'll feel good,” I said, teasing a finger along her folds.

“Mugen, you're terrible!” she cried, but her thighs parted and she had enough girl juice going I could push it right inside. She squirmed and cooed so nice my resolve wavered, so I didn't waste any time with the second one. It took every ounce of my willpower not to fuck her right then and there, but Jin's taught me the value of patience, so I did her pants back up while she was still focused on what was happening inside.

“Hey, where are you going?” she asked as I opened the door. “You can't just leave me like this!”

“No time to play now,” I lied. “I'll be back in an hour or so. Later!”

“Mugen, wait!”

But I was outta there. I had to dump a whole bucket of water on myself to cool down, but it was great to feel so horny, so I was enjoying it. I was working on deck later when Lee gave me a poke, chuckling. I looked where he was pointing and there she was in her usual place, giving me one of her most intense, if you don't get your ass over here and take care of me now I'm gonna kill you, looks. I tied the last barrel and headed her way, scooping her up and slinging her over my shoulder while the guys whooped and whistled. They all know about us, but I ain't above showing off now and then. I'm lucky to have Fuu and I know it.

I dragged her into my favorite corner of the hold and knelt, planting a kiss on her belly while I got her shorts untied, then stuck my face in her pubes and breathed her in. Her horny scent was coming off her like crazy and it made my head spin with lust. “Now I have to do wash tonight,” she complained in her good girl way, and I laughed to see that her shorts were soaked at the crotch. I snuck a finger inside, found one of the balls and pushed it deeper while she moaned and ground herself into my hand. “Mugen, no more teasing!” she warned and, that time, I knew she meant it.

“Push 'em out,” I ordered. She blushed, but closed her eyes, concentrated, and they fell into my waiting palm. I set them down and slid three fingers into her, fluttering in the right place to make her dance for me. I knew she wanted to get to it, but she was too steamy and juicy to resist. I fucked her with my hand first, pressing my thumb outside, letting her move how she wanted. She was so ready it happened fast, and I was tempted to keep going but my cock was getting grumpy, so I settled her on my lap instead.

She wrapped her legs around my waist and purred, “Yes, Mugen. More please.” Oh yeah! That position takes so much coordination, I could keep it up a long time for her before I finally took things horizontal and let myself get off too. My girl, she's the most yummy thing! I don't know if I'll ever get enough of her now, though, cuz the good times didn't last.

It was always a drag to go back to work after engaging in such hotness, so maybe that's why she stopped wanting to play so much. But after about five or six weeks, she started handing me enough no's and excuses, I stopped asking. And with nothing else to occupy my head I got this bug up my butt. Or maybe, it was more like why was this bug always up my butt and not the other way around? It plagued me enough that I brought it up one night.

“Every time we've gotten together with Fuu, you've had us both but I haven't had you, so I'm thinking it's time,” I ventured.

He eyed me warily. “Why is that?”

“Well, she asked me once which one of us was seme and I told her we took turns, so I don't....”

“She did not!” he spat.

The goofy, indignant look on his face made me laugh. “She did so, a few days after our opium afternoon. It's cuz you kissed her. That's when she started crushing on you.”

“Crushing on me? Then? I don't think so.” Now he seemed stupefied. The man sure is clueless about himself.

“It's true,” I insisted. “She asked how we did it and who was on top, so don't make a liar outta me.”

“I don't know, Mugen,” he said, doubtfully. “We'll see.”

I took it as a yes when I walked in our room at the inn a few nights later to find him ass up between her legs. Yup, gonna tap that. He protested but didn't stop fucking her so I happily ventured onward, as I was hungry for him something bad and not so drunk that I couldn't get it up. Besides, Jin's ass is too inviting to ignore. His cheeks are so spare, when he bends over his hole shows. There's no need to spread anything, it's just right there, all vulnerable and ready for plundering.

My tongue went in first, making him gasp and shudder, and the idea of Fuu watching me turn him on like that was totally hot. It was all I could do to not hump his leg and be done with it. Instead, I ate him out real nice until he was as relaxed as he was gonna be, then checked out his ass. It was way tight, just as I feared, since I hadn't fucked him since before we left Ryukyu. Thinking optimistic, I scooped up some of the honey leaking outta Fuu and pushed a finger home, working him slow and steady till he was ready for another. I finally got to three, but he was still pretty tight. It wasn't gonna be easy to fuck him, but I didn't let that stop me.

There was no way I was gonna miss my chance to have him like that. So I pushed as careful as I could, letting him take me at pretty much his own pace, until he'd finally swallowed the head and we were home free. Me and Fuu shared the most luscious naughty look, binding us together in such a lewd conspiracy I thought I was gonna lose it right then and there. To be buried in him again, fucking them both, was amazing, the best scene we've ever had. I crashed that night all blissed out, happy to be alive, and I hoard that feeling like gold these days cuz it's the last time I felt it.

Of course great shit like that always has its consequences and something definitely went wrong there, but I have no idea what happened or how to fix it with Jin. He stopped talking to me after that and hasn't told me why, so it's like dealing with the Jin I met way back when. Eventually I lost my patience and stopped bothering him about it. If he wanted to be pissed, that was his problem. Fuck him.

Fuu noticed, of course, and started bugging me about what was going on but I denied everything. I didn't know myself, so what could I say? Even Captain Nunes came nosing around, asking what our plans were once we got to Canton and stuff. He invited us to stay at his place and I told him we'd prolly take him up on his offer, if nothing more than I was curious about his wife and the kinda scene he had going for himself.

He half-jokingly asked if I'd consider sailing on to Saigon, knowing I'd say no, but I felt flattered he asked anyway. Things were weird with Jin and Fuu at the moment, but I was sure we'd figure things out eventually the way we always did. Boy, was I wrong!

When Jin asked Fuu to marry him I almost shit my pants. She was standing there with her mouth hanging open, so I didn't waste any time. “You can't say yes!” I yelled.

“Shut up, Mugen!” says he. “This is Fuu's choice.”

You shut the fuck up,” I replied. “Why in hell would she do something so stupid as marry you?”

“I have more to offer her than you ever could.”

“You got nothing to offer that I couldn't ten times over. Your fucking samurai blood don't mean shit around here.”

He stuck his nose in my face, eyes blazing, “And what could a common criminal from Ryukyu have to offer a samurai's daughter?”

“I care about her and you don't!”

“What?!? That's a lie and you know it!”

“Guys....” she piped up, but we weren't listening.

“If anyone's gonna marry her, it's gonna be me!” I declared.

“Fuu would never make such a foolish choice,” he replied, looking so smug I had to punch him. It connected too and he stumbled into some boxes on deck.

“Listen you fucker....” I stepped closer, ready to take another shot when a screech brought me up short.

“Stop it, you stupid jerks! STOP IT!” She was stamping her feet, more pissed than I've ever seen her. “I haven't said yes, and the way you guys have been acting lately I don't know why I should choose either of you! How dare you talk about this as if I'm not standing right here!” I opened my mouth to defend myself when something grabbed my hair and gave me such a shake, I yelped instead.

“What's all this, then?” came a deep voice. “Fighting on board, Mugen?” Damn! Paulo-san, the captain's brother, was almost as big as he was but not anywhere near as easygoing. I stammered something about how it wasn't my fault but he ignored me. “Fuu-san, the captain would like to speak with you,” he told her. “Please go see him in his quarters.” Her eyes got big and she ran off, prolly glad to escape, I suppose. He let go of my hair and turned to us, scowling. “We're laying anchor in less than an hour. There is work to do. Step to it, my lads, before I lose my temper.”

Me and Jin gave each other the evil eye, but neither of us was stupid enough to ignore the lieutenant, so off we went. I didn't see Jin and Fuu again until we had to face each other in the coach Captain Nunes hired to to his place. We all managed to be civil under his watchful eye, and once we got to his home all hell broke loose and that was that.

“Papa! Papa!” came many voices as we walked in the door. Some tiny creature grabbed his knee while two more lept into his arms, keeping us from entering further. He laughed and called out their names, but I can't remember what they were. And then this pretty lady no taller than Fuu swept in and shooed them all away.

The captain picked her up and swung her around, kissing her neck while she scolded him. “Manuel, put me down! Not in front of everyone!”

He set her on her feet, still laughing, and turned to us. “Let me introduce my wife, Nunes Chan. My dear, you know....”

“Oh yes!” she smiled. “My husband has written me all about you. I'm so happy we could finally meet. Please come in. You may stay with us until you get yourself settled.”

Jin bowed perfect. “Thank you, but we couldn't impose like that. We can afford a room.” I was glad he said it and muttered support. The sooner we could all hang together again the sooner life would get back to normal between us. We had some serious talking to do!

She wasn't having it, though. “The three of you...together?” She got that kind of concerned mother look that makes your heart sink, like you know she's gonna put the kibosh on all your fun plans. “I wouldn't hear of it!” She reached for Fuu before either of us could react. “Come with me, Fuu-san. My eldest daughter is working at the moment, but she's been looking forward to meeting you and has invited you to stay in her room. Let me show you where to put your things.”

Before I knew it, Fuu disappeared down the hall and the captain was all amused, almost daring us to protest. I turned to Jin and he looked as helpless as I felt, so I kept my mouth shut. “We have a guest room you can both stay in, if you like,” he told us, “and please give us the pleasure of your company at dinner.”

So, I stayed for dinner, but not the night. I got a room somewhere, feeling sorry for myself, and the extra special blowjob I paid for only made things worse. With Fuu basically kidnapped by the Nunes family, I wasn't sure where to go or what to do. And the knife that Jin's proposal left in my gut still hurt really bad, almost making me feel sick. I'd never thought of him as an enemy before, and I hated how pissed and confused I felt.

The next day I was wandering around the docks in a stupor, not sure why I was there but having nowhere else to go, when Captain Nunes called my name. “What are you doing here?” he asked as he slung two great sacks into an almost-loaded dinghy, ready to row back to the ship.

“Don't know,” I admitted. “Don't know what the hell's going on anymore. You taking off again soon, huh?”

He sent the guys helping him off to get more shit and looked down at me. “Yes, tomorrow. You've made this run before, we'll be back in less than two months. Sail with us, Mugen.”

My heart lept even as my guts clenched in fear. “I don't know how smart that'd be.”

“Give the young lady some time to work the situation through,” he said quietly. “That's my advice.”

“But leave her alone with him for six weeks...maybe more? I don't know.”

His expression was so compassionate, I had to turn away. “He asked and she didn't say yes. Isn't that correct?”

I suddenly realized he was right! If she'd really wanted Jin, she wouldn't have looked so confused and freaked out when he asked her. I grinned and he smiled back, pulling me to his chest as he stroked the back of my neck, giving me shivers. It felt so good to be in his arms again, I let myself soak it up for a bit, relieved there was still someone in the world who wanted me.

“Sail with us, Mugen,” he repeated, his lips against the top of my head.

My whole body relaxed, the scent and comfort of him bringing back nothing but good stuff. “OK, I'll go,” I decided.

to be continued