Calm Before the Storm

by Laura Bryannan

This story takes place before and during episode 24, and is a sequel to all my others, especially Sara’s Song. Please read those first if you’re a new reader. Thanks much.

They thought he had unleashed a demon! Mugen was back to his old self, all right, and the next few days were spent in a blissful orgasmic haze. He seemed insatiable. The gift Jin had given him had wormed its way into his psyche and done its healing work. The poison from their time with Sara drained away and he felt strong again, and with the renewed strength came his everlasting horniness.

After their spicy adventure, Jin and Mugen shared a meal and spent the rest of the afternoon in town, sitting together in the market square, watching the townsfolk bustle about. Languid and at peace, there was no need for conversation. As the sun began to set, Mugen got up to go meet Fuu when she got off from her babysitting duties. Jin maintained he needed to get a few more things done in town and Mugen didn’t argue with him. He knew Jin was only saying so to let him be alone with Fuu and he appreciated it, heading back to their room to wait for her.

The poor girl didn’t know what hit her as she walked in the door! He swooped her off her feet and slung her over his shoulder, unceremoniously dumping her on the bed while she giggled and shrieked. He commenced an attack on her outer defenses and she lost the battle within seconds.

Jin walked up to the door a few hours later and heard Fuu singing the kind of song a woman sings when she’s close to orgasm. He remembered, and smiled to himself. He couldn’t believe Mugen was still going strong after their scene—their two scenes, actually—earlier that day, and shook his head in amazement. He sat down next to the door, intending to wait until they were through, but the noises coming from inside the room were so intriguing.

Mugen was moaning too, but it wasn’t the kind of rhythmic sound a man makes while thrusting into another body, or when he’s being stroked to orgasm. It was sustained, almost a hum, rising and falling in pitch and volume but with no rhythm to it at all. What could be happening to make him sound so contented, so aroused? Jin decided to damn propriety and find out.

Sliding the door open quietly, he stepped inside the room. They were oblivious to his presence. It took a moment to adjust his eyes to the lack of light, but then he could see Fuu laying on her back, kimono and juban still on, but open. Mugen, wearing his shirt but bare-assed and partially erect, had his face buried between her legs. Her hands were in his hair, toes curled, her head thrashing back and forth. Jin could tell that Mugen had a few fingers inside her as well. He was amazed at the obvious pleasure Mugen was gaining from what he was doing, and knew he would not be feeling the same way if it were he. The task was not one he particularly enjoyed, even with Rumiko.

Jin found the bodies of both men and women beautiful and arousing to gaze upon, to touch, to hold and to have, but getting his face up close and personal to certain places…that was another matter. Male or female, there were areas of a human body Jin’s mouth preferred to avoid. Mugen did things to him that he absolutely loved, but he knew he would never return the favor. There was something about certain intimacies with another person that made him squeamish, and so he was astounded to hear Mugen moan as he attended to Fuu, just as if someone had been giving him similar attention. A few seconds later, she cried out, and Jin could hear his muffled chuckling along with her orgasmic song. When she settled, he raised his head and planted a quick kiss on her inner thigh.

Mmmm. You wanna try for seven? It’s your lucky number….” He cracked his neck and peered at her from between her knees.

Ohmygod, no! I couldn’t!” she gasped, then put her feet on his shoulders and shoved him away. Jin found it hard not to laugh.

Aw, come on,” Mugen wheedled, reaching for her.

She pulled her clothes around herself like a shield and scooted away to the other side of the bed. “Mugen, no! Go away! I’m tired, and I promised to watch the girls one more day, so I have to work tomorrow.” She eyed him warily as he crawled towards her on his hands and knees. Jin thought it might be a good time to announce his presence, so he cleared his throat and they both froze and turned towards him.

Jin!” they both exclaimed.

I’m sorry to disturb you. I’ll just go to bed.” He grabbed a futon and rolled it out on the floor. They looked at each other. Mugen raised his eyebrows and Fuu nodded, smiling.

Come share the bed with us,” Mugen said, thumping the mattress next to him. “There’s enough room.”

Jin hesitated, but then decided it would be nice after all. Folding his outer clothes and placing them on the floor with his glasses on top, he got in next to Mugen, who promptly snuggled up to his back in his usual way. Fuu did the same to Mugen and he sighed contentedly.

”Monkey in the middle,” giggled Fuu, and he reached around and pinched her behind. She squealed and giggled some more. Jin could feel that Mugen was getting harder, not softer, and was concerned, knowing his body was not ready for another pounding while he was asleep. He turned himself enough so he could speak for Mugen’s ears alone.

You mess with me tonight and I swear I’ll cut it off,” he whispered. Mugen just licked his face, knowing it would gross him out, and it did. Jin made a strangled sound, wiped off the offending slime with his sleeve and sighed, feeling Mugen chuckling against his back.

Night, you guys,” Fuu said sleepily.

Night,” came their reply, and they slept; even Mugen.

That night he had a dream—a most amazing, wonderful dream. Mugen Saves The World was how he always thought about it afterward, mulling it over in all its glorious detail. He faced down the obnoxious, fat, ugly invaders, beating them at their own stupid game. He played it better than anyone, even Jin, and that was especially exciting! It made him feel like he was a Master of the Universe, an all-powerful being that no force on earth could stop. He’d never had such a dream before. It was so real, so exhilarating, and the feelings stayed with him long after he woke up.

Of course, the experience that had brought it was new as well—a lesson from his seme that was absolutely mind-blowing but did not include pain. It was inconceivable that anyone would care enough to do such a thing for him, but Jin obviously did. The balm of it healed his heart, mending rips and tears he had not let himself notice were there.

It was a good thing, because his awareness of what was coming was getting stronger. He knew that bad things were on the horizon. He knew it with complete certainty. Their time together was coming to a close as well. He felt that too, even though he chose not to dwell on it and hoped it wasn’t true. So, he was hungry for them, he couldn’t get enough of them.


Jin knew, as he finished his kata that morning, that if he went back to their room Mugen would be there waiting for him. The prospect put him in uke space, complete with butterflies in his stomach, and that both aroused and disturbed him. He did not want to play uke with Mugen today, so he tried to snap himself out of it. Walking to their room, he had to stop and breathe for a minute before he felt centered enough to open the door.

He stepped inside and Mugen turned to face him from across the room. Jin shut the door and leaned against it, waiting, and Mugen obliged. He closed the space between them quickly, put his hands in Jin’s hair and rose on his toes to kiss him. Jin pulled Mugen’s hips into his own, savoring the caged strength of the body in his arms. Their tongues battled for dominance, as it became obvious during their kiss there was no clear agreement who was seme this morning.

After a long while, Mugen pushed him away, panting. “Ohhhhh,” he moaned, snuggling his face into Jin’s neck and breathing in deeply. “You haven’t washed…not last night, not this morning.” He yanked at the lapel of Jin’s kimono, pulling it open on one side, and buried his nose in Jin’s armpit, nibbling while Jin cringed. Mugen was in wolf mode. Oh dear.

No fair. You did it on purpose to make me crazy, didn’t you?”

Jin smirked but did not answer. Maybe he did and maybe he didn’t. Mugen’s hands were busy at the knots of his hakama and they fell to the floor. In another second, his kimono and juban were untied as well, and Mugen was pleased to discover no fundoshi underneath. He nuzzled Jin’s crotch with his entire face, ignoring the eager member that was coming to attention, and sighed contentedly as the glorious scent of Jin enveloped him. Jin looked down at his lover bemusedly and stroked his hair.

Can I fuck you again?” Mugen asked, “It took everything I had not to do it to Fuu last night. I really want to be inside you. Please?”

Jin tensed. “You hurt me yesterday,” he said quietly. “I’m still too sore. I don’t believe I would enjoy it today, Mugen.”

Mugen looked up at him. “Oh yeah. I forgot how long it had been. I’m sorry,” he apologized. “Why didn’t you stop me?”

I didn’t want you to stop.” Mugen raised his eyebrows in surprise, then resumed his nuzzling to make sure every inch of his face was covered in Jinscent. He rubbed his cheek against the warm, now fully erect, sex. “It was hot to hurt you,” he whispered against it, his lips tracing its length.

Yes…it was,” Jin admitted.

Mugen felt relieved. His instincts were correct. “I know,” he said brightly, pulling Jin toward the bed. “Let me kiss it and make it better…come here.”

He directed a doubtful looking Jin to kneel on the bed, and pulled the kimono off his shoulders. Positioning himself behind, he began to kiss and nibble at the back of his neck, worked his way down the long spine, then moaned in contentment when he reached his target.

Mugen knew there were two no-fail ways to arouse his lover, and they both involved kissing. It didn’t matter which end he attacked with his tongue, the results were the same: melted Jin. But when it was this end, there was always resistance, and today was no different.

Mugen! My god, how can you do that? I haven’t bathed.” Jin protested as he tried to escape the warm caress. Mugen grabbed his hips so his prey couldn’t run away and laughed against his skin.

Oh, shaddup! You wash too fucking much. Stay still and let me play,” he ordered as he dipped his tongue inside again, smiling as he heard a breathy sigh escape Jin’s lips. Mugen knew that if he was going to get inside Jin this morning he was going to have to do some seducing. The wounded part would need some coaxing, some devoted attention, before its owner consented to be entered again.

He cursed his thoughtlessness yesterday. Even though the scene had been totally hot, a small amount of preparation would have made this situation moot. But he had been so overcome to wake up and find Jin lying naked next to him, he had basically lost his mind and attacked, overtaken by pure out-of-control lust.

So it was clear. He was going to have to reduce Jin to a pile of goo before he was going to get anywhere near fucking him again, but he was definitely up to the task. He slurped, he teased, he practiced writing his letters against the sensitive skin. His hands were busy as well, caressing and kneading Jin’s firm pale cheeks, stroking inner thighs and lower back, ignoring more sensitive places. Every so often he pulled the opening wider with this thumbs to allow his tongue even deeper access, and gloried in the shudder it produced.

Jin, who began the game on his hands and knees, lost interest in holding himself up and lay with his entire torso flat on the bed, his ass at the edge as Mugen knelt on the floor behind him and loved him up. Jin had just enough consciousness left to notice that someone else was moaning besides himself. Mugen! He heard the same song he heard him sing with Fuu last night and felt flattered. He did not understand how Mugen could love to do what he was doing, but he was very glad he did, as it felt soooo heart-meltingly good!

By the time Mugen rolled Jin onto his back and dragged him to the middle of the bed, he was totally out of it. Any thoughts of turning the tables and doing a number on Mugen had flown away long ago. A tickly warm tongue was dancing along his cock, and tickly fingers were dancing inside of him. Mugen’s fingers had large bony knuckles, which he could feel as they slid in and out. The friction was luscious.

Mugen watched Jin’s hips thrust into his hand, thought the time was right, and oiled himself up. Positioning himself, and not hearing any protest, he pushed slowly until he met resistance inside. Then he put Jin’s legs over his shoulders and waited, paying attention to what was happening inside his lover’s body. He could feel it alternately tensing and relaxing, adjusting to the invasion, finding a way to accommodate it. He kept his pressure light, but could tell that progress was being made. Jin was accepting him, swallowing him, slowly but surely just like he had that very first time.

Taking Jin face to face always seemed deliciously wicked to Mugen, as he felt so vulnerable when he was in the position himself. It was wondrously strange that this man, who so effectively reduced him to a quivering puddle of uke yesterday, would turn around and submit to these kinds of attentions today. He watched Jin’s face for any sign of pain, but saw none, and he finally got past that pesky ring of muscles without a wince, he was proud to note. He began to gently thrust, intending to last a nice long time. But Jin was singing so sweetly and looking so hot, he realized it might not be possible. He decided to try an experiment.

Hey, touch yourself for me. Make yourself cum for me, K?” he whispered. Jin opened his eyes and blinked a few times, trying to focus. Mugen leaned in, earning a groan. “Come on,” said the husky voice in Jin’s ear. “Let me watch you jack off while I fuck you.” He reached for Jin’s right hand and placed it on his cock, smiling as he felt his fingers encircle it. He directed the hand to move and purred, “Mmmm, that’s right, just like that…let me watch you do that.”

Jin obliged him. Somehow it felt all right to do it, plus he really wanted to cum, so he closed his eyes and did it. He was amazed it didn’t feel embarrassing. No, it felt quite arousing, and it really was so good the way Mugen was stuffing him to the gills.

When it was clear to Mugen that he was going to actually do it, he began to move again, slowly at first, but not for long. He was too horny and it was blowing his mind to watch Jin stroke himself. They moved together and, as it turned out, watched each other.

They watched each others’ faces as they came, eyes open, Jin first and then Mugen. It seemed there was an unspoken agreement to do so. It felt so intimate and revealing, they were a little horrified as they did it. Even after their breathing came back to normal, they continued to study each other. Feeling almost mesmerized, Jin finally reached for Mugen and broke the spell with a kiss. It was slow and thoughtful, and they flowed back and forth between who was entering and who was being entered without a battle. After a long while, finally feeling satiated, Mugen pulled away.

Snuggle. Nap,” he ordered, shoving Jin onto his side.

Jin smiled and allowed himself to be manhandled. So much for not playing uke, he thought ruefully, and settled into the warm body behind him. He woke an hour or so later and rolled over to find Mugen ready to fall off the bed. His lover was continually restless, and did a lot of traveling when he slept. He might start out snuggled against his back at night, but he was never there in the morning. He was usually some distance away, often completely off the futon on the floor.

He sat up and grabbed Mugen’s hips, pulling him away from the edge of the bed. Mugen did not stir, and it got Jin thinking…then he reached for the oil. Let’s see how he likes it. He touched Mugen only enough to gain entrance, slid all the way in and paused. It didn’t take too long. The stirring began inside, and Jin could feel the warm passage tighten and release in a slow rhythm. Then Mugen’s hips took up the dance, imperceptibly at first but soon more blatantly. A low moan escaped, and Jin pulled out a bit to start thrusting. Suddenly Mugen began to flail, enough that Jin needed to grab his hips so he couldn’t wiggle away.

Ah! No! Ohmygod!” he yelled, thrashing, then opened his eyes, looking around wildly. His hands found Jin’s on his hips and he let out a sigh of relief. “Holy shit!” he breathed. “I was dreaming.”

Jin slid his arms around his waist and continued to move. “What were you dreaming of?” he asked against the back of his neck.

Mugen shook his head. “I’m only gonna say one word, and that’s the end of it. Tentacles.” He shuddered. He didn’t see Jin’s smile—the images the word inspired were disturbingly erotic—but the hand on his cock was doing such an expert job, he was soon shuddering for other reasons. When he came, it almost hurt it was so intense. He didn’t even notice how hard Jin was biting his shoulder as he came himself, deep inside.

A little while later, he added quietly, “Maybe I see what you mean about the kinds of dreams you have when I mess with you at night.”


Fuu was nervous walking to their room after work. Would he be there waiting again? She wanted him to be, but felt a little ashamed to want it. Was it right to do such things? She couldn’t remember why it was supposed to be bad to play with guys like this…but it was so much fun she told herself, who cares! Sure enough, she opened the door and saw him lying on the bed. When he saw her he sat up, smiled his crooked smile and held his arms out to her. She came into them and he pulled her onto his lap. They kissed for a short while, but she soon pushed him away with a curious expression on her face.

Mugen, you smell so interesting. What is that smell? It smells really good!” She sniffed around his face hungrily.

He laughed. “Girl, that’s Jin,” he told her, snickering as he watched the information register on her face.

But Jin smells of sandalwood,” she argued.

Nah, that’s only his soap. This is his real smell. Nice, huh?”

She nodded enthusiastically, and sniffed him some more. “It’s like something in a bake shop,” she said in amazement, and Mugen smiled and kissed her again. Some of the sexual urgency he had been feeling was finally easing off so, astoundingly enough, he found himself without an agenda. They kissed until she was squirming and then he reached inside her kimono to touch her lazily. He stroked the soft curls, teasing gently along her opening until she was gasping. Then, falling backward on the bed, he grabbed her by the hips and pulled her up so that she was positioned over his face.

Sit!” he ordered, guiding her to his tongue, and she squealed when it made contact. He held her where he wanted her and she knelt over him, hands clutching at the blanket as the sensations washed over her. She could feel him stroking her bottom, teasing that opening too, and she found it very hard to keep still.

I’m…eeep…gonna…oooh…smush you!” she managed to say, but he just chuckled against her and continued his ministrations until she had orgasm number one.

God, the girl’s easy to bring off! He flipped her over on her back and attacked again. There was usually another cum hiding right behind her first orgasm. Yup, there it was! She arched and cried out for several moments and he felt pleased, with himself and with her too. He nuzzled until she quieted, then came up and lay next to her, pulling her onto his chest.

She snuggled her head on his shoulder and sighed happily. Her hand was wandering over him, tracing a line from his throat, down his breastbone and belly, boldly reaching inside his pants to find him inside. “Don’t you want to?” she asked.

You’re not gonna believe it, but I’m OK. I’m pretty wiped.”

You sure?”

I’m sure,” he said, and kissed the top of her head. They chatted some, and made out a little bit more, but mostly they just wanted to be together. Jin came home to find them still there, snuggling on the bed half-asleep, and he joined them.

If we’re leaving tomorrow, I’ll take advantage of sleeping in a bed one last time if you don’t mind,” he said.

Mmmmhmmm,” they both murmured in agreement, barely opening their eyes to acknowledge him. He leaned over and kissed each of them on the forehead, then lay down and promptly fell asleep. The universe brought no dreams and let them rest, almost as if preparing them for the onslaught to come.


The next day, they said goodbye to their cozy nest and spent the day walking. Unfortunately, there was no town to stay in that evening, and they were forced to build a fire and sleep outside. Thankfully, the night was warm, and there was no rain.

Sitting around the campfire brought back memories of the early days of their journey and made them all feel a little wistful, but Fuu seemed particularly so. Her request to share a secret was not something either of them would have normally honored, but it was strange to see her so scared and sad.

They humored her, each of them telling a little bit more about themselves, and learned something interesting in each tale. It brought them all a little closer, but the sadness in the air remained and Mugen didn’t like it. He especially didn’t like the way Fuu thanked them for coming with her as though the journey was already over when it clearly wasn’t. Something was up. Something was worrying her—all of them, really. The bottom line was they all felt scared, he realized. He fidgeted for a while then got a bright idea.

Hey enough of this serious shit. Let’s sing dirty songs!” he announced.

What?!?” they both said in unison, then smiled about it.

Come on. I can’t stand this. Let’s do something stupid. I know lots of great dirty songs. Here’s one.” And he began in his slightly raspy tenor

My man Kon had a thing that was long.
My maid Mari had a thing that was hairy.
My man Kon put his thing that was long
into my maid Mari’s thing that was hairy.
My maid Mari then stirred it about,
till with stirring and stirring at length it came out,
but then my man Kon thrust it in once again,
and knocked it most stoutly to make it remain;
but Kon with much knocking so widened the hole,
that his long thing slipped out still in spite of his soul,
till wearied and vexed and with knocking grown sore,
cried, “a pox take the hole for I’ll knock it no more!”

Mugen looked at his audience and bowed from the waist. They were both laughing—Jin with his hand over his mouth and Fuu with her face hidden behind her knees.

Hey, it’s about fixing a broom, OK? You’re both just perverted.”

Jin and Fuu looked at each other and rolled their eyes. “Um…sure, Mugen,” giggled Fuu.

OK, now you Jin,” Mugen urged.

Jin thought for a moment. He did know some bawdy songs. He’d lived long enough in men’s company to know quite a few, actually, but to sing…in front of them? He quite forgot he’d done so before, on that afternoon by the stream long ago. He debated in his own mind then decided on something short and sweet.

My Lady’s coachman Jou, being married to her maid,
her ladyship did hear on it and to him thus she said,
I never knew a wench so handsome in my life,
pray therefore tell me how got you such a wife.”
Jou stared her in the face, and answered very blunt
Even as my Lord got you.”
How’s that?”
Why, by the cunt.”

Mugen cracked up and Fuu squeaked, “Jin!” He smiled and looked pleased with himself, despite his embarrassment. Mugen stared in amazement that such a word had come out of his mouth.

You’ve got such a nice voice, Jin,” Fuu sighed. “I could listen to you sing all day.”

Hey, what about me?” Mugen grumped.

Oh well, you sing OK, too.” She winked at Jin, and Mugen growled at her.

Come on, Fuu, you sing one now,” he said, to get back at her.

Oh no! I couldn’t! I don’t know any naughty songs anyway,” she protested.

Bullshit!” he argued. “Everyone knows at least one dirty song.”

She did know one, and somehow she could tell that he knew she did, so she felt backed into a corner. She looked at Jin and he was gazing at her warmly. It helped her feel brave enough to consider it.

Yes, Fuu. Share one with us,” he encouraged her. After wringing her hands in her kimono for a minute, she gave in.

Well, OK,” she finally agreed. “I learned this from my cousins. It’s really long, so I’ll only do four verses.”

I, a tender young maid have been courted by many,
Of all sorts and trades as ever was any:
A spruce haberdasher first spoke me fair,
But I would have nothing to do with small ware.
My thing is my own and I keep it so still,
Yet other young ladies may do what they will.

A Master of Music came with an intent,
To give me a lesson on my instrument,
I thanked him for nothing, but bid him be gone,
For my little fiddle should not be played on,
My thing is my own and I keep it so still,
Yet other young ladies may do what they will.

A fine dapper tailor with a yard in his hand,
Did proffer his service to be at command,
He talked of a slit I had above knee,
But I’ll have no tailors to stitch it for me.
My thing is my own and I keep it so still,
Yet other young ladies may do what they will.

Nowhere I could reckon a hundred and more,
Besidesall the gamesters recited before,
That made their addresses in hopes of a snap
But as young as I was I understood a trap.
My thing is my own and I keep it so still,
Yet other young ladies may do what they will.

It ain’t so still!” Mugen chided with a leer, still laughing at the verses.

Mugen!” she screeched, and threw a pebble which hit him square in the temple. “Ohmygod, I’m sorry,” she apologized, her hands over her mouth.

No sweat, babe. Good shot!” Rubbing his head, he was still smiling. “Come over here, you,” he said, crooking his finger at her. She hesitated for a moment, but then got up and sat between them. Mugen shoved her with his shoulder, pushing her into Jin, and then Jin pushed her back into Mugen.

Hey!” she complained with a smile, peeking up at them shyly. They were smiling too. Jin turned to her, reached out, and ran his thumb along her jaw line.

Kiss,” he said, as he leaned toward her, and she met him halfway. Gentle and thorough, it lasted for less time than Fuu hoped it would. “Thank you for coming all this way with me,” he said, and she blushed at the frank appreciation she saw in his gaze.

Hey, me too!” called a voice from behind her. Mugen pulled her backwards into his lap and kissed her soundly. This one she could touch, so she threw her arms around him and he pulled her close. After a long while they parted, somewhat breathless. “It’s been a slice, babe. I’m glad I came,” he said. Jin was unrolling their mats around the fire. She and Mugen shared another little smooch and Fuu sat up. She was feeling so sweet, so loved, she doubted her plans to go on alone.

They all lay down to sleep, but Fuu was restless. She got up after a while to go watch the river and think. She was convinced the guys were already asleep, but they were not. Jin let her be for a while, then got up to see if he could help. She almost told him what she wanted to do, if only so he could talk her out of it. But, in the end, she resolved to be strong and finish the journey on her own. He accepted her apology, even though he had no idea what she was apologizing for, and sought to comfort her anyway.

Mugen heard Fuu get up, and then heard Jin follow her later. He heard them share words, but could not make out the conversation. They were all unwilling to go to sleep, and he wasn’t surprised. The monsters were coming. They were very near. Maybe tomorrow, maybe the next day—he couldn’t tell for sure—but they were most definitely coming. He shuddered and tried to drive the frightening awareness out of his mind.

After much tossing and turning, one by one they finally dropped off to sleep. Each, in their own way, sensed the impending ordeal. Each offered up the same heartfelt prayer: please spare them, please keep them safe!


Notes: OK, so the songs aren’t Japanese this time, but they’re from the correct century, at least.