Sara’s Song, III, Spice is Nice
by Laura Bryannan

This story takes place after episode 22, and contains slight spoilers for that episode.

We got out of that little village the next day despite the fact that Mugen and I were not feeling particularly well. We all felt it best to put some distance between where the authorities knew we were, and where Sara’s body was dumped, as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we didn’t run into another town for a few days, and by then we were all pretty miserable. And, to top it all off, things were not right with Mugen. He wasn’t himself, and it concerned me.

Fuu and I spoke about it while we were on the road, and she agreed that he seemed down or depressed or something…she didn’t know what either. He had hurt us and we had hurt him during our time with Sara, and we were all still reeling from it. He wasn’t being obnoxious, just subdued. It was so unlike him. There was a certain amount of trust between us all that had become damaged, and I wasn’t sure whether or not the hurt could be healed.

The fact that his belly wound was so deep, and he had exacerbated the healing process by fighting the next night, ripping some stitches and not tending to it in a timely way…well, sex wasn’t in his vocabulary at the moment. I might have been able to fuck him out of his malaise if it had been physically possible for him. It wasn’t, so all I could do was wait and plot.

I believed what he needed was a spectacular uke moment. I needed to rearrange his brain with some grand gesture of dominance. He was sulking in a way I’d seen lovers of mine sulk before, as I invariably became bored with them and withdrew more and more. I was certainly not bored with Mugen, but life had conspired to keep us physically apart for quite a long time. And even though I was with him now, I knew he might still be hurt about how I'd left before.

Yes, I needed to give Mugen a spectacular uke moment, the only problem being I was completely uninspired as to what to do. I didn’t have any ideas at all. I ran through the uke moments I had given certain lovers in the past, but nothing seemed appropriate for the current situation.

So things remained until good fortune shined upon me. First, we found this town. And second, the road we came in on brought us into the worst part of it and we got mugged. No problem. We mugged our muggers and came away with a very nice-sized purse for our trouble. Mugen told me recently that he had stopped his usual practice of rolling anyone who took his fancy. He said it didn’t feel right to do it anymore.

Now I head for the crappiest part of wherever we are, walk around like a mark and take down whoever jumps me. I almost always get some coin outta them, and sometimes a whole lotta coin. Works for me!”

I thought it was very interesting—flattering myself that Fuu and I really were civilizing him—and a great idea besides. I had pressed him for more information. “Walk like a mark?” I’d asked.

He looked sheepish. “Don’t know if I should tell you so much about myself,” he said, looking down. I was very curious, however, so I encouraged him to continue. “Well, you know. If you want to roll someone, you ignore the guys who are striding purposefully along and look for the ones who seem afraid, lost, confused or just plain stupid—the ones who are walking like marks. If you walk around looking like a mark, you’re prolly gonna get mugged. But if you’re ready for it, it’s an easy source of income.”

So there we were, experiencing Mugen’s new strategy in action and it worked just fine. We had decided to camp out at the first town that looked feasible and take a few days to rest and nurse our hurts before we pushed on to Ikitsuki Island. With money in hand, we hunted down the best inn we could find and took a room.

It turned out to be very nice, and large as well. It had a bed on an actual frame, which was very interesting, space to lay out a few more futons, a table and a chair. Very nice indeed. It was interesting how the closer we got to Nagasaki, the more foreign culture we bumped into. We bought dinner, ate like hogs, and fell asleep almost immediately.

The next day we wandered around seeing what the town had to offer, and I was pleased to note that Mugen was standing straight again. Ever since his wounding he had been walking slightly stooped, favoring the muscles on that side of his abdomen. To see him walking straight again meant he wasn’t in the kind of pain he’d been in, and it meant he might be ready for…sex. I’ll admit it was very hard to have him around, close enough to touch, to kiss, to smell, to watch, and not be able to have him. I was more than ready to reestablish our sexual relationship and wanted to sweep him off his feet, so to speak. But how? I had no idea.

Then, good fortune smiled again. That night I had a dream, a most awful dream. We were all in some kind of hell. Surrounded by dead people, working day after day at useless backbreaking drudgery, and nothing to eat but wasabi that gave me horrible heartburn. It was quite awful. So real, I was actually shuddering when I woke up, with the sound of Mugen screaming in my ears, and an image of something remarkable burned into my brain—this cloud or smoke or something against the sky. I don’t know what it was, but it truly gave me chills. I’ve never been so grateful to wake up from a dream in my life.

But, as awful as it was, that dream gave me the inspiration for Mugen’s spectacular uke moment. Blessed wasabi! It was a very good thing I was alone when it hit me, for the memories it evoked literally brought me to my knees. I had to sit down, for I was remembering the most intense sexual experience of my life. My cock remembered it as well and immediately rose to note the occasion. I was shocked that I had forgotten about it until now. Oh yes, I knew exactly what I was going to do! I thanked whomever brought me that horrible, inspiring, dream and began to gleefully plot how to go about putting everything together.

That morning I spoke to Fuu and told her I had an idea that might bring Mugen around. Could she make herself scarce for the afternoon tomorrow? She had bumped into a family in the inn’s common room and was going to watch their daughters for a few days, she told me, so the room was all mine.

Do you really think it will help?” she asked hopefully.

Yes, I believe it will,” I replied.

Sounds great! Why not do it today?”

I need the time to acquire my supplies, and it will give his body one more day to heal.”

”OK,” she agreed. “Tomorrow then?”

Tomorrow.” I visited the town market that afternoon and luck continued to be with me. I found what I was looking for, a more perfect specimen I could not hope to acquire! I was able to purchase the few remaining items I needed—it was so nice to have money—and headed back to see about the room. I examined it and realized the strange bed was going to turn out to be a godsend. Ever since I woke up from that dream things had been falling into place so beautifully it was quite exhilarating. I felt as though I were being swept along by something outside myself. I knew with complete certainty that what I was going to do to him was the right thing to do.

He was out late that night, and I was glad. It was making me so aroused to think about my plans, if he had been around I probably would have jumped him and ruined things. But, as it was, Fuu got home before he did. When he finally showed up, we were both dressed for bed on our respective futons, discussing him. I learned they hadn’t been having relations either.

He’s being too quiet and nice. It’s weird,” she complained.

I smiled and nodded. It seemed strange to complain about someone being quiet and nice but, for Mugen, it just wasn’t right. He stumbled in and we could smell the sake…and something else. Hmmm, opium! Interesting. It was so strong we could smell it from where we were laying across the room.

G’night,” he mumbled, falling face first into the big bed.

Fuu made a face and rolled her eyes. “Tomorrow, you say?” she asked with a wicked gleam in her eye.

Tomorrow,” I replied with confidence.

Say wa?” came a muffled voice.

Good night, Mugen,” I called out. She and I smiled at each other and then settled in to sleep. My mind was racing, but I made myself turn it off and get some rest. I wasn’t hurt as badly as Mugen was, but my wounds weren’t completely healed either. Tomorrow would be an ordeal for both of us and I needed to be ready.


I heard him singing something bawdy as I passed the bathhouse, coming back from doing my kata, and smiled to myself. Perhaps he was feeling ready for me as well. I headed to our room and pulled the tanto out of my katana, got the ginger and took it outside. I sat by the door and began to work it, pulling off the smallest finger and peeling it carefully. Figging, it’s called. Rumiko did it to me once…one of the last times we were together, actually. A more insidious form of sexual torture I have never experienced before or since. I was hard just sitting there getting it ready for him.

I wanted his fully informed consent before I went forward, but I knew Mugen. I figured his curiosity would get the better of him, just as it had gotten the better of me all those years ago. I knew I could tell him exactly what would happen and it wouldn’t stop him. I couldn’t wait!

He wandered up to the door as I was finishing the first piece. I intended to make four, and the hand of ginger I was working with was going to allow me to make each one a little longer than the one before it. I even had some left over if inspiration struck during the scene. It was truly a gift.

What’cha doing?” he asked.

Whittling,” I replied, not looking up at him.

You made something pretty obscene there,” he astutely observed.


That ginger?”


HA! You think you’re sticking that up my ass you’re crazy,” he said, and walked into the room. I wondered how long it would take him to come back out. It took less time than I thought it would. I was finishing up the second one when he did.

Won’t it burn up the skin in there?” he asked, leaning against the doorway.

No, it will not. The oils simply…stimulate, they’re not caustic,” I replied. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that the crotch of his pants was coming alive. It was very hard to keep a straight face.

Stimulate, huh?”

Yes. The most sexually arousing experience I have ever had. Incredibly arousing. Excruciatingly arousing,” I added for emphasis.

Who the hell did it to you?” he demanded, sounding almost jealous, I was flattered to note.

Rumiko, when I was seventeen.”

You let the family whore do that to you?” He sounded as though he didn’t believe it.

I would have let her do anything to me,” I replied honestly.

I don’t know, man.” He shook his head. “I don’t think I’m interested.” He walked back into the room. I was beginning to work on the fourth one when he wandered back out once more. My horny wolfbrat.

What are your terms? What would the rules be?” he asked. Good questions.

I’ll put the first one in and you will be with it. No touching yourself. No humping anything. I’ll do all four eventually, over the course of an hour or so. If you can abide by my rule of not attempting to get yourself off, I’ll let you remain free. If you cannot, I will tie your hands and feet. I predict that you will have to be tied up. Any questions?”

What will it do to me?” he asked.

You’ll want to orgasm quite soon after it goes inside. You won’t be able to remain still, and you’ll produce copious amounts of pre-cum. Rumiko said it did the same for women, although I don’t have first hand experience with that. But it was true when I did it to Yuki and it was true for myself.” I finished the fourth one and lay it beside the others, then looked at him.

So you did it to Mister Snowflake, huh?” More jealousy? I nodded, but made sure not to smile. “How long did you say I’d have to be with it?” His breathing was already ragged.

Longer than you will want, Mugen, I promise you that. I intend to let you…enjoy this experience far longer than you will prefer to. As I said, it will make you want to cum from just about the moment it goes in. I’m being quite honest with you. The oils get into that place, you know, and…well….” I shuddered and his eyes widened. He harrumphed and went back inside. I could hear him pacing. After a few minutes he walked back out, knelt in front of me with his head on the ground.

”I consent,” he said quietly. I reached down and pulled him up by the chin, caressing his cheek with my thumb.

Nothing ritualized today, all right? Just you and me, no games, no roles. It will be intense enough.” He whispered OK. I pulled him into a kiss and he welcomed me hungrily. Oh, it was nice. After a while I pushed him away and stood up.

Come on, then,” I said, grabbing my works of art and heading inside. I could hear him shut the door and follow me to the bed. “Lay down, Mugen.” He dropped his clothes and got into it. I picked up the smallest piece and sat between his legs. “Last chance to withdraw your consent,” I said. “Once it goes in, you are mine. Do I proceed?”

Yes,” he whispered, and I nodded. I spread his cheeks and gently pushed it in. It was juicy enough to do it without a struggle, and I’d carved a cap so his ass couldn’t swallow it. I backed away and sat at the corner of the bed to wait. He lay still for a minute or so, frowning, trying to decide what it felt like. Just watching him made me remember, and the muscles in my ass clenched in sympathy. Then he let out a low moan, his knees rising to his chest. “Oh shit. This is gonna be bad, isn’t it?”

I did warn you,” I replied. “Now straighten your legs out.” I grabbed his feet and pulled him out of the ball he was curled up in. He managed to lie there panting for another minute before his knees came up again, squeezing his cock between his thighs and belly. I pulled his legs straight again and he made a wordless, but noisy, protest. A minute later his hand came down and he ground himself into his palm, moaning some more. “Mugennn,” I growled. “I told you I’d have to tie you up.”

I pulled off my sword belt and made him grab his elbows while I wound it around both arms, binding them together. The bed was a futon on wooden slats, so I could tie him to the slat at head of the bed. I kept it slack, however. So long as he couldn’t reach his cock, I preferred that he could move around.

A bit of the rope I had purchased at each ankle and he could no longer stimulate himself, but still had enough room to dance nicely for me. That’s what ginger seems to do—the body it’s in undulates and writhes and dances the most erotic dance. It had felt erotic to dance it when I did, it was erotic to watch Yuki dance it when he did…and now I was watching Mugen dance it. It felt amazing.

There have been a few times in my life when I’ve had a true Seme Moment; when I feel as though I am the most beneficial, most powerful, force in my lover’s life. It takes my breath away when it happens. I felt as though I was having one then. He was looking so magnificent, and being so endearing and brave. I wanted this to work for him. I wanted to do it perfect for him.

It was fascinating to watch how he handled what was happening, the different strategies he would try. Oh, how I remembered! You try to ignore it; doesn’t work. You try to distract yourself from it; doesn’t work. You try to make a louder noise than it’s making inside you; doesn’t work. You try and force yourself to remain still, but you cannot. It feels hot, it feels cold, it burns but you want more of the sensation, not less. It’s like this immense itch, but not really, and yet your body dances to try and scratch it somehow. It brings all your awareness to that place and makes it feel so amazingly good. I remember wanting to cum so badly I could scream, and maybe I even did, but she wouldn’t let me. Not till I was practically senseless and incoherent. Mugen wasn’t there yet, but we had only just begun.

After a while I noticed he was settling, so I knew it was time to put the next one in. The membranes of the ginger will eventually seal themselves, so you either have to re-score it to release more juice or use another. The ginger wasn’t expensive, so it was easier to just put a new one in. As I pulled out the old one I could hear him holding his breath hoping, I was sure, that once it was gone the sensations would stop. Of course, they don’t. The essential oils would still work for some time after we were through. I carefully pushed the next one inside him, and he arched back into it with a moan.

Fuck me with it,” he begged.

I don’t think so. I know how easily you cum that way,” I countered.

He whimpered and his thrashing renewed in earnest. “I can’t take it,” he gasped, his hips twisting as he tried to turn enough to hump the futon. The rope at his ankles wouldn’t let him move so far, and he groaned in frustration.

Yes you can,” I told him, reaching out to run my finger up the length of his cock. He made a surprised, happy, sound and tried to thrust himself into my hand, but I pulled away. It was evil to tease him like that, but it sure was fun!

Why are you doing this to me?” he wailed, looking somewhat desperate.

You need it. You’ve been out of sorts since you killed Sara, haven’t you?” I ghosted my fingers through the hair around his nipples, and he convulsed and threw his head back with a groan.

Noooo, don’t do that! I’m horny enough already. Don’t do that too,” he demanded. Not that he was in any position to demand anything. I began to work one in earnest, teasing and twisting, while he cried out “stop” and “don’t” in between his gasps and whimpers.

I could do this to you in retaliation for all the times you have sex with me when I’m sleeping,” I reminded him. “I know you mess with me when you come to bed. Don’t deny it.” I ceased my tortures so he could answer.

You never stop me,” he protested.

How can I stop you when I don’t really know you’re doing it in the first place? I only know in the morning, when I wake up with a sore ass or my nipples raw and bruised.” He looked sheepish, but didn’t try to dispute the facts. “It gives me strange dreams as well,” I added. “Of creatures eating me alive and other disturbing things.”

You want me to stop doing it?” he asked.

I’d prefer we were sexual when I could remember, but I suppose I’m flattered you want me that much. I’m simply saying you have no cause to complain about my taking advantage of your current situation.” Then I commenced an attack on the other nipple, and the noises he made were satisfying indeed. I realized after a while it was probably time to put the next piece of ginger in him, so I let go and he exhaled a shaky sigh of relief. But when he realized what I was doing he began to bargain. I dragged my tanto over the surface of it to make sure it was nice and juicy.

Jin. No. Listen to me!” I pulled the old one out and pushed the third one in. “What do I have to do to stop this now? I’ll do anything for…. Oh shit!”

The oils must have hit him. This piece was longer than the one before, so it was working on tissue that had not had the pleasure of its acquaintance yet. He lay there rigid, knees locked, arms over his face, trying to keep from moving. He managed to stay that way for over a minute. Pretty good, I’ll admit. But slowly his hips began to undulate once more.

Damn…damn…fuck….” He was muttering little comforts to himself, as he began to thrash again.

I found myself just sitting there enjoying the view. Mugen truly has the most perfect body. Quite lean, but well muscled and well proportioned. My limbs are so long, I look like a preying mantis when I’m naked. Mugen’s body is all man. Just stunning. Everything about him is wiry, from his muscles to his hair—his hair everywhere, by the way.

His navel is so deep, there’s always something inside it: usually lint, but sometimes I’d find other things so strange, I could not fathom how they got there—the weirdest being a dead ant! I leaned over him to peek and, sure enough, I saw a bit of lint even though he had just bathed. It made me smile. But his best feature, even though I couldn’t see it at the moment, has to be his ass. He has the most perfect ass of any lover I’ve ever known.

Jin,” he whispered, startling me out of my reverie. “Please make me cum. Please, please, please….” He looked at me with this puppy dog face he surely hadn’t shown anyone since he was three or so. Charming! It made me smile again.

Not so much longer. This is hard for me too, you know,” I said. “I haven’t had an orgasm for days and I’ve been planning this for longer than you’ve been submitting to it. I’ll bet I’m aching just as much as you are. I will be patient, and so will you.”

I was being completely honest. It was very hard, no pun intended, to watch him like this and not give into my desire to shove myself inside his mouth. I wasn’t experiencing the kind of stimulation he was, but I was still experiencing something intense. I didn’t remember feeling so aroused when I did it to Yuki, but my heart wasn’t as invested in the outcome either. This was important to me. The most important thing in the world, really, so I wanted to do it right.

You’re such a fucking shit,” he complained. “Just wait till next time. I’ll do something even worse to you.”

How wise is it to say such things just now?” I asked, as I ran my nail up the sole of his foot, smiling as he screamed and yanked it away. I grabbed it and tickled him in earnest for a little while, but he made so much noise I was concerned someone would come to see what was wrong, so I stopped. His belly was soaked with his own juices, so I swirled my fingers in it and slid them over his cock. He bucked into my hand and I let him for a bit.

Oh god, oh god, yes yes yes,” he hissed, then groaned when I removed my hand and reached for the last finger of ginger. This one was going to go way in there. Poor dear. After re-scoring it, I put it in and he began to moan. Non-stop, he just moaned, his body rhythmically twisting and turning against his bonds. I was panting too, at that point. How did I end up with such a man? To distract myself from my own need to cum, I started trying to think.

He used to get on my nerves when we first became lovers, but I couldn’t remember exactly why. Oh yes, the smell. He used to reek to high heaven, and I had some big problems with that. The first few times I chased him off to the tub, but he came back just as ripe and I couldn’t figure it out. Then I followed him in there with my own soap and made him scrub his armpits while I watched, but it didn’t make a dent. I realized at that point what needed to happen and went to get my razor.

I’m going to shave all this hair off, Mugen,” I announced.

No fucking way!”

Yes, or no sex. The hair here has been soaking up your sweat for the better part of a decade, I imagine. It’s hopeless.” He’d raised an eyebrow and made a face like, ‘you’re weirder than I thought,’ but let me do it. I held my breath, got the deed accomplished and it worked! It was so nice to be able to get near him without choking on the fumes. After it grew back he was washing more regularly and it was never a problem again. My god, the things we do for love.

He was moving into incoherency at this point, his body in continuous motion, mumbling things I couldn’t make out. I started to take off my clothes and he watched me, his eyes hungrier than I’d ever seen them before. I leaned over his face and began to kiss him, and he opened his mouth so wide I practically fell in. I’ve got a long tongue, or so I’ve been told, and I took advantage of the situation to slide it into his throat, feeling him convulse. His hips thrust into the air in time to the thrusting of my tongue, and he sucked on it like it was something else. I couldn’t remember when I’d felt so aroused!

Your cock,” he panted when I pulled away. “More…suck…arrrrguh!” It was quite a tempting offer, but I wasn’t going to do it when we were so close to the end and things were going so well.

No, Mugen. I’m going to fuck you when we’re through, but I think it would be nice to grace yours with a little gift first, eh?” I got my tanto and the ginger, and began to work one last piece for him. I decided I’d sound him, just for a little last bit of excitement. He watched me warily, his eyes going in and out of focus, as he continued to writhe. I whittled a thin strip, a few inches long, and braced myself for the pleading I was sure would come. It did, as soon as he realized what I intended to do.

No man! You can’t do that. Ohmygod Jin, you can’t do it!” he yelled. I held his cock as carefully as I could and slid it inside him. He was gushing so much pre-cum it went in easily. I didn’t think it possible he could make more noise or dance any more lusciously than he was already, but he surely did. I watched him for another few minutes but, I’ll admit, I was reaching the limit of my own endurance.

I had never witnessed a more erotic display in my life and decided enough was enough. I hunted for the oil and got myself ready. He wasn’t even paying attention to me at that point, eyes closed, whimpering and moaning senseless things. But when he felt me untying his legs, he looked at me with an expression of pure unmitigated devotion that made my heart soar.

Please,” he whispered. I smiled at him and pulled the ginger out of his ass. I left the one in his cock though, figuring he’d expel it when he came. I positioned myself, thrusting all the way inside as we both screamed. I made myself stop for a moment to memorize every detail of what was happening, so grateful to be in this position once more, connected to him again, moaning and writhing at my hands.

I tried to pace myself gentle and steady, but it had been way too long and it became impossible. I decided I wasn’t even going to try and outlast him. If I came before he did, I’d just jack him off. I didn’t though. I started really shoving him around, pounding him, and he came and came, singing the happiest song I’d ever heard him sing. I let myself go as well, and it felt so glorious, so intimate. Such a relief on so many levels! I was reminded, yet again, of how much I loved him; not that I was going to be stupid enough to ever say it again. I lodged my hips against his own to stay inside as long as possible, and rest my head on his chest.

Are you all right?” I asked.

Will you untie my arms, please?” was his reply. Oh yes, I forgot. I did and then settled myself back on top of him again. I could feel his finger trail up my arm and trace my ear, then he grabbed my hair and pulled me up into a kiss. It was sweet and languid, lasting a nice long time.

Hey, isn’t your cock all…um…gingery now?” he asked after we broke apart.

A little, but not enough to bother me,” I replied. “The oil protects it, for the most part. It should have diluted things for you too. Did it?”

He nodded. “How long will I still feel it inside?”

Probably less than an hour,” I guessed. He made a rueful face and then kissed me once more. It felt so good to be naked with him again. I hadn’t let myself pay attention to how much I missed it. Then he dumped me from on top of him and pushed me away.

Roll over,” he demanded. “I want to snuggle against your ass.” I obliged, he spooned against my back and was soon snoring. I must have really wiped him out. I wasn’t the least bit sleepy. In fact, I felt like I could fly to the moon or something, but I lay there anyway. It was too sweet to feel him curled around me again.

I must have fallen asleep at some point, however, because I woke up when he pushed himself inside me. He was oiled, but I yelped because it had been a while. My body wasn’t used to his size anymore and it hurt. I decided to bear it, though, as I wanted him to continue. His arms were locked around my waist and he didn’t stop pushing until he had worked himself all the way in, even though I was sure he’d heard me cry out. Then he began to move. Oh my god.

Take it, take it, take it,” he chanted in time to his thrusts. I did. I gladly did, even though it made my head swim, and I was biting the blanket to keep from whimpering. If he needed to get back at me some, I could deal with it. He reached around and began to stroke me, none too gently, but it definitely helped to take my mind off the pain in my ass. I could feel him panting against the back of my neck as he ground himself into me, and my whole body shuddered in response. The sense of being so thoroughly overtaken was quite heady and I came pretty quickly, relieved that he exploded inside me soon after. We lay there breathing together, and I could feel him kissing my shoulder and burying his face in my hair.

Mmmm,” he murmured. “You smell good. I missed smelling you.” I was glad to know he missed me because I sure as hell missed him!

After a little while he pulled out, sat up and stretched. I rolled onto my back and saw him giving me this smoldering look that made me nervous. He growled, pushed me onto my stomach and I felt his knee on my upper back. Oh no! I braced myself and, sure enough, he bit one of my ass cheeks and started pulling up a bruise. Not one of his typical attack spots, but not unheard of, unfortunately. I struggled, but he only dug his knee into my back harder and chuckled in this malevolent way as he continued to work. When he let me go, I sat up and rubbed the offended part, giving him the evil eye. He just laughed.

”Holy shit, what a scene! I’m hungry!” he announced. “I’ve got some money left. Let’s go find something to eat.” I nodded, it was a good idea. Once he mentioned it I realized I was famished, as I'd been too worked up earlier to be able to eat much. We got dressed and headed into town.

We sparred the entire way, neither of us landing anything effective, and it felt like old times again. I was very glad. Prayers do get answered sometimes. I know it for a fact.


Notes: because everyone seems to be asking…yes, figging is real (and so is sounding)! If you would like to learn more, use Wikipedia, as Google or Yahoo will most likely bring up porno sites.