Getting Unstuck in your Growth Process
via Past-Life Regression

by Laura Bryannan

A great way to dislodge yourself from a spiritual rut is to explore your own past lives through regression. I make a distinction here between getting regressed into a past life and having a psychic tell you about your past lives. To have someone tell you about your past lives is essentially trivia--you have no personal memory of what they are telling you. However, when you are properly regressed into a past life, you actually experience that life, and it becomes part of your memory like any other memory. It can then be integrated into your life like any other experience you have had.

Delving into your past lives works in much the same way as exploring your family tree using a systems approach. In fact, it's not inaccurate to say that your past lives are like your own personal "family." You may have certain ideas about yourself that you accept as reality. Indeed, we tend to create situations in our lives to continually "prove" to ourselves that we really are stupid or mean or unlovable, etc. Can you imagine what happens to your psyche when you uncover a life where you had none of these alleged qualities? You got it! It allows you to experience yourself in a new way. The past life you remembered where you were kind, happy, wise, etc., becomes part of your waking memory and can permanently alter your perception of yourself.

Exploring your past lives can uncover areas of trauma that are having negative impact on your present life. By returning to that traumatic event during regression, you can often change the decisions you made at that time and remove its unhealthy effect on your life. Investigating lifetimes where you had skills as a healer, energy worker, shaman, etc., often results in these skills becoming accessible to you in your present life (this is true of more mundane skills too). Because you actually experience a past life during regression, the skills become part of your waking memory and can be utilized from then on, even if you never had those skills before.

As you can see, each time you make a connection to a past life you learn new information about yourself as a soul. The rigid rules and roles you have accepted for yourself begin to loosen and dissolve. You become aware that you, as a being, are much, much greater than you thought. Thus, each time you expand your conception of yourself you expand the potential pathways available to accomplish the goals you have set for your life. Neato, eh?

This little article is meant to be a brief introduction to some of the benefits of past-life regression. One of the most competent regressionists working today is my good friend Greg Paxson, located in Chicago, Illinois. If you think you'd like to explore this kind of work, I encourage you to give him a call at 773/262-1168, or email him at and tell him "Laura sent me."

If you do not live in the Chicagoland area, you can call the Association for Past-Life Research and Therapy at 909/784-1570 and ask them to send you a list of practitioners in your area.

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Last Updated: 30jun02
Laura Bryannan