Dancing in the Shadows by Laura Bryannan

Chapter 19


These are various techniques that may come in useful during your work--just some basic ways to produce different kinds of energy shifts and healings. You can work with these meditations during a session, letting the participants know they can also be used on their own during times of need.

Creating Circles

This technique is a way of locking in a particular constellation of mind and emotion to be accessed at any time. It's best to try it the first time when you're in a particularly positive frame of mind. Since "up" or "high" states are often fleeting, this exercise will help you get back in touch with those good feelings when they are not there.

Now, when you're feeling low, or scared, etc., you can visualize the colored circle on the floor, step into it, and recreate the same positive state of being you were originally experiencing. You can bring your circle with you to job interviews, first dates, visits to your parent's house--any time you need to get back in touch with some good feelings.

You can create circles for many different uses. Some survivors might like to have a library of circles: a feeling sexy circle, a feeling brave circle, a spiritual circle; some survivors cut off from their emotions might even want to create a grief or anger circle to make a safe, but contained, place to experience these feelings. Just be sure to create them with different colors. The more you can feel the desired feelings in your body when creating them, the more energized and powerful the circles will be to use later.

If you find that you're not ever feeling up or brave or sexy enough to energize a circle, you'll have to try one of these little tricks:

Think back for a time in your life when you were feeling brave, for example. Try to remember that time as completely as possible. Let your mind replay the events leading up to your brave behavior. Let yourself feel that brave feeling as much as possible. When you're in touch with the brave feeling as solidly as you think you're going to be, imagine your circle and energize it. Any time you do something brave and are feeling it in your body, imagine your circle and re-energize it some more. If you remember any other times you were brave, re-energize the circle again.

If you're fortunate enough to remember your dreams, you can use the feelings they produce in your body to energize your circles too. Sometimes we have dreams in which we behave in ways we would never have the guts to do in real life. If you've had a dream that has produced a wonderful feeling in your body you may want to recapture later on, create a circle and energize it with the feeling while it's there in your body.

Temple Meditation

Loving and wise beings exist on all levels of creation. On more refined (invisible to most of us) astral, mental, soul and spirit levels, the Ascended Masters, angels and other beings of light have temples where they work, learn, and teach. There are temples out there specializing in practically anything you can think of: temples of music, healing, creating, power, information, cleansing and purification, etc., etc., etc. Anyone can send their consciousness out into the Universe and ask to be taken to a temple for specific kinds of help.

The following is a very basic healing and cleansing temple meditation. It can be changed in many ways to suit the meditator. I'll discuss the ways you can vary this afterward. This one works best if you have at least twenty minutes to stay in meditation.

Okay, lets say you want to do something else in meditation besides receive healing. What if you're trying to create something in your life, a new job perhaps? When you go out into space, ask the Universe to take you to a temple that works specifically with creating. When you get there, tell the Master or Mistress what you are trying to do. While you're in the temple you can visualize the new job you're trying to create. Doing creative visualization in a temple with the Masters' help lends a lot more energy to your visualization than if you're just doing it on your own!

CAVEAT: Because visualizing in a temple amps up the juice, so to speak, it is very important not to do any creative visulation in a temple when you're feeling down, scared or angry, etc. You may think you're only creating energies for your new job, but you'll also be creating more of whatever negative space you're in too. So don't try to do creative visualization in a temple unless you're feeling up or balanced.

What if you have some questions about your life situation that you can't seem to get clear on. Again, when you go out into space, ask the Universe to take you to a temple that works specifically with information and learning. When you get there, tell the Master or Mistress what you want to know. If you ask your questions and then quietly wait, you'll often receive an answer in your mind. Don't expect a "movie" or a thunderbolt out of the blue; the response will probably be very subtle and may even feel like it's your own mind answering.

Not all people are successful in trying to receive answers to life's questions from the Masters. In my experience, all questions are answered, but not all folks are ready to believe, let alone act, on what they receive. It is very easy to say, "Well, I probably just made that up." Some people have very powerful spiritual senses and are able to perceive the answers easily, most people do not. So, if the answers don't come clearly, don't be discouraged.

Psychic attunement, like any other skill, comes only with practice for most people. You wouldn't expect to pick up a violin and be able to play the first time, would you? So don't expect perfection from yourself the first time you go questing into the psychic realm!

Rainbow Technique

This technique is like a personal grooming day for your subtle energies. One colleague of mine called it "putting makeup on your aura." It refreshes the colors radiating from your energy centers, giving you that "glowing" look. Look at your face before and after doing this technique and you'll see what I mean.

It's interesting to pay attention to how each color feels. You will like "wearing" some colors better than others. Do the colors you like feeling during this meditation correspond to your favorite colors?

You'll also notice that some of the colors are easier for you to imagine than others. If this is the case, it helps to place some object with that color in front of you so you can open your eyes and see it when you're trying to imagine that color. The colors you have trouble imagining are probably colors your being doesn't work with much. Since this technique is like feeding your aura colors, focusing on the colors that are hard for you to imagine may remedy imbalances in your energy system.

CAVEAT: Try to keep the amount of time you spend with each color roughly equal; don't spend more time with one color over another, especially red. Red is a very hot color. Giving it too much emphasis may result in increased agitation, anger, headaches, etc. Use each color in balance and it will help you stay in balance.

Here's a very basic description of the colors and their corresponding energy centers:

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