Dancing in the Shadows by Laura Bryannan

Chapter 18


This exercise works best if you do it toward the end of your group's time together. It can be a nice thing to do for your last session if you don't want to do an elaborate ritual like the one in this book. It sounds very simple, but it provokes strong emotion. Most of us are not used to having nice things said about us, especially when they're true...

You'll be surprised at the consistency of the reports! Most women will see each Highest Self in a similar way. Thus, this can be a good way for everyone to experience the validity of the information they receive in meditation.

This exercise is very moving because it may be the first time a woman has had anyone else "see" her as she truly is. Since survivors are usually convinced that deep down there is something seriously wrong or evil about them, it sometimes takes an exercise such as this to change their minds (at least a little bit). It is very powerful to have eight women face you and tell you, "No, we didn't see a black widow spider in you at all, we saw you as wise, loving and shining with blue light."

There is a tendency to get into an "aw shucks" mode when receiving information about your Highest Self--it's quite embarrassing to say the least--but try to stay open and receive it. Let it in. It will warm your heart and thaw barriers to intimacy like nothing else.

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