Excerpts from Conversations with God
by Neale Donald Walsch

G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1995

Why would [anyone] want do deny You?

God said:

"Because you are afraid. And because My promises are too good to be true. Because you cannot accept the grandest Truth. And so you must reduce yourself to a spirituality which teaches fear and dependence and intolerance, rather than love and power and acceptance.

You are filled with fear--and your biggest fear is that My biggest promise might be life's biggest lie. And so you create the biggest fantasy you can to defend yourself against this: You claim that any promise which gives you the power, and guarantees you the love, of God must be the false promise of the devil. God would never make such a promise, you tell yourself, only the devil would--to tempt you into denying God's true identity as the fearsome, judgemental, jealous, vengeful and punishing entity of entities.

Even though this description better fits the definition of a devil (if there were one), you have assigned devilish characteristics to God in order to convince yourself not to accept the God-like promises of your Creator, or the God-like qualities of Self.

Such is the power of fear."

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